CoolerMaster MasterAirG200P cooler for small computers
CoolerMaster MasterAirG200P cooler for small computers

Master Cooler introduced the latest microcomputer cooler. The MasterAir G200P air cooler is 39.4 mm long. Knowing that Cooler Master claims that Cooler is equipped with an advanced cooler and fan, the fan is not quiet anyway, and of course RGB lighting makes it a target for many players.

MasterAir G200P cooler contains aluminum base containing more than 50 blades, two type C thermoses and a copper base. The fan size of this spotlight is 92mm with RGB lights and rotates from 800 to 2,600 rpm.

Master computer cooler
Cooler MasterMasterAir G200P cooler is compatible with all modern Intel and AMD processor compressors. Strangely enough, the manufacturer has not announced processor generation, but compatibility with 95-watt processors.

But the strange thing is that the cooler in the small class is usually 30 mm long and is suitable for processors from 35 to 65 watts, but the Cooler Master, developed for small computers, is longer and has a heating tube that has a nominal power of 95 watts.

One of the main features of these heat sinks is RGB lighting, which is fully controllable by all lighting programs from main board manufacturers.

The MasterAir G200P cooler only costs $ 45 on the market. The warranty covers two years of manufacturing defects.

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