Report: Facebook no longer displays WhatsApp ads
Report: Facebook no longer displays WhatsApp ads

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Facebook withdrew its previous plan to display ads on the popular WhatsApp.

The newspaper added that the team working on the mechanism of WhatsApp advertising has been dissolved in the past few months and that what they did was removed from the WhatsApp code. However, the newspaper found that Facebook wanted to continue incorporating ads into posts (cases) in order to publish the app without advertising.

It is worth noting that Facebook's desire to earn money through WhatsApp, which it obtained for $ 22 billion in 2014, is the reason behind the resignation of its co-founder (Yancom) in 2018 while another co-founder (Brian) resigned for a few months. Acton) due to disputes over data protection and targeted advertising.

According to the report, pulling the merged ads resulted in Facebook focusing on WhatsApp features that allow companies to communicate with customers and organize this exchange. KOM and Acton fear that commercial messaging features will force WhatsApp to weaken end-to-end encryption. But all this happened before Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wanted to step down from his public public office and move to an encrypted and unified messaging system via Facebook. WhatsApp and Instagram. The program appears to interfere with ads, making it difficult to display ads in an encrypted environment.

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