Facebook expands the SK symptoms tracking questionnaire for all its users
Facebook expands the SK symptoms tracking questionnaire for all its users
Facebook said in early April that it would be used as part of a research project at Carnegie Mellon University to interrogate some American users about their health. The project aims to generate new infections with coronavirus (COVID-19). "Heat map". Self-ad.

And now, after two weeks, Facebook said on Monday: Initial results are encouraging, so global users will be consulted next Wednesday. Carnegie Mellon University said: 150,000 people report symptoms every day after clicking on the link on the "Latest News" page.

The social media giant has revealed that it will show users a (Latest News) link at the top of the page to direct them to the survey, and researchers say it will help them predict where medical resources need.

It should be noted that Google first asked users about Facebook as part of the Carnegie Mellon University project, since the project was launched last month via the Opinion Rewards app, which offers users a full app. Business reputation versus Google survey.

Facebook said on his blog: (Carnegie Mellon University) researchers will not share poll responses they received from Facebook users, and Facebook will not share user information with researchers.

The company also announced plans to provide epidemiologists with new data categories as part of the disease prevention mapping program, which shares site data with its virus-related partners.

The researchers used the data to inform the authorities in these countries daily about the movement of people in different regions and officials from specific cities and countries in the United States.

In addition to the data on the site, the company will also provide "social feeds", which shows that people on different websites can be "Facebook friends". Facebook said: The new "shared sitemap" can also show that people in one region can communicate with people in another.

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