Review AngelSense 4G/LTE Kids GPS Tracker
AngelSense 4G/LTE Kids GPS Tracker

AngelSense is the only GPS tracker for autism and special needs. Developed with the latest website tracking technology for accurate personal tracking. If your children or family members tend to walk long distances, then you know every second important - AngelSense is the only GPS that provides maximum real-time protection in an emergency.

AngelSense is designed to protect our most vulnerable loved ones and is a full safety device. Used to track other GPS devices for children, pets, cars, etc.

The rescue alarm not only tells you when the person close to you dies, but it also avoids emergency proactively. Only when you use AngelSense when your child leaves school, or gets off the bus but does not go to school, gets into the wrong bus stop, or arrives at your destination, you will receive notifications of unexpected and unknown locations. You can also use additional amplifiers to check or calm, view instructions, or listen.

What distinguishes AngelSense from other tracking devices?
  •     It was developed for autism and additional non-removable functions, which take into account the special needs, comprehensive and comprehensive support and protection.
  •     On-site monitoring without interruption throughout the day - others go to sleep, delay alarms and interrupt locations.
  •     Protect your GPS location a few meters away and know exactly where your child is all day.
  •     Additional amplifier with auto answer function: talk to your loved ones or listen to the surroundings, even if they can't press the button to answer.
  •     SOS call request button so they can simply send a message to notify you when they call you.
  •     Smart iAlerts learns regularly from your loved ones and alerts you to unexpected changes.
  •     With direct road maps, stop warnings and unexpected delays, planned arrival times and speed with unlimited historical details, every transportation can be safely monitored.
  •     Multiple map views to see where you are connected and get directions, topographical routes or street views to help you find your loved ones.
  •     There is no limit to the date and time of activities in a safe place, so you can monitor family activities and quickly identify differences.
  •     School advanced features automatically customize features and reach teachers and staff during class.
  •     Lifesaving emergency tools can find your loved ones as quickly as possible and keep them safe and secure when they escape.
  •     Since the site is connected and up to date all day, the battery life can reach 48 hours, most of it is asleep during the day and threatens safety.
  •     A community of Parents with Special Needs who provide services to their clients, enthusiastic support, tips and advice.

Unexpected site call
If the people around you are often in strange or unexpected places, you can get a notification right away.

Other AngelSense alerts are to get off or not to get off the wrong bus stop, unexpected delay, missing buses or not to pick up from school, get off, but not to go to school, etc.!

Travel warning
You will receive a notification every time your child enters or leaves the site. Only with AngelSense you can receive roaming notifications for unknown websites and an unlimited number of secure sites.

Other devices only provide warnings for a limited number of geographical fences that must be manually set.

AngelSense is also the only global positioning system that can name sites and determine the best limits automatically. In the future, you can rename the site or adjust the frame.

See the calendar
Check out the full story of the daily site of the person you love. This includes detailed information for each location (time, calculated stages, map, etc.) and detailed information for each mode of transportation (time, top speed, path, etc.).

Other devices only display location records and display time is limited. With AngelSense you have unlimited access to the history of your loved ones every day.

AngelSense is the only GPS tracker that allows you to do indoor activities. For example, you can see traffic between a classroom and a cafeteria and even see if it's not available. This way, you can identify changes that might indicate a problem with the regular routine.

Two-way auxiliary amplifier
Talk to your child at any time without having to "catch" or click anything. Your child's GPS will answer your call automatically.

If your loved one does not speak a language or just want to sign in to make sure you're okay, you can also use the audio function to listen. It can also help you understand escape conditions.

You can also press the SOS Call Request button to inform you to contact them. The non-intrusive design and custom settings ensure that you receive only valid requests.
Review AngelSense 4G/LTE Kids GPS Tracker
AngelSense 4G/LTE Kids GPS Tracker

Portable and fixed GPS devices
AngelSense is easy to wear and there are many options. It is the only non-removable child GPS tracker designed for children with sensory sensitivity.

It has a protective cover for GPS devices, non-removable accessories and parental removal keys.

There is also a belt and sexy lingerie as well as a waterproof cover.

National 4G LTE coverage and long battery life
Regardless of your mobile operator, AngelSense operates in the United States. The range is unlimited, which means you can use the app and all the features anywhere in the world to track or call devices in the U.S. Unlike other devices, you can even enable device alerts from anywhere.

Depending on usage, the battery can last up to 48 hours. Other devices are on standby mode around the clock, which greatly reduces their efficiency and safety. AngelSense uses advanced algorithms to constantly monitor devices and provide maximum protection throughout the day.

The monthly subscription includes 60 minutes of talk time per month and other minutes that can be purchased through the app.

30-day refund policy for mothers with special needs
Our customer service team works with parents of children with special needs who are AngelSense Professional users. It helps you in all aspects of setting up and using AngelSense GPS trackers.

This includes assistance with dressing, school use, adding AngelSense to your child's IEP information, financial and insurance information, symbols, forms, tips, etc.

When you call, we really understand!

GPS tracker for Alzheimer's and dementia

Improved safety and advanced GPS tracking functions make AngelSense an ideal lifesaver for saving relatives, Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Elderly patients and dementia are easily lost and lost. It is dangerous not to remember your location or identity, or to seek help.

AngelSense will notify you upon departure from the home or care facility. If they're not where they're supposed to go, you know them and you can find them as quickly as possible. With the voice function, you can call without answering or accepting the call. You can also listen to information about elder abuse.

If it is dropped or lost, you can press the SOS button to notify you about the connection. Transfer jobs can help you safely move to and from activities.

AngelSense 4G/LTE Kids GPS Tracker Specs
  • Monthly subscription required - Activate upon arrival to get the first month of the free monthly service plan of 39.99 monthly (including annual contract), including SIM card, unlimited tracking, 60-minute voice calls, and direct customer service. A 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee monitoring package includes: GPS, protective cover, 3 non-removable fasteners, one AP switch and unlimited direct customer service. Constant accuracy and reliability throughout the day, real-time GPS tracking.
  • Safer GPS for Autism, Special Needs and Dementia that is tracked only during continuous daytime observing Advanced GPS accurate GPS protection - instantly know what people want to flee and follow them as quickly as possible! Additional Speakers: Talk to or listen to your child and make sure their condition is normal - automatic response to special needs, SOS call button to know when they need you. Unlimited direct tracking, geo-fencing in safe areas, guards, detailed site records, transfer records, etc.
  • Smart Alerts - Only when using AngelSense - When a potentially dangerous situation occurs, Auto learns the daily work of alerts: early departure, unexpected location, late arrival, and late arrival. Safe Driving Control: Accurate Routes, Maximum Speed, Estimated Time of Arrival, Unexpected Delays and Parking - Find out if you missed the bus, did not get off at the relevant station and if the bus was delayed or damaged. Other GPS devices only give warnings when they leave the pre-defined geographical fence, and we monitor your loved ones anytime, anywhere!
  • The emergency search tool can quickly activate the search and rescue team, and send a temporary real-time map link to emergency personnel, 911 senders, police, nannies, neighbors, etc. Check the location of your relatives and receive instructions. Call the police to find out if they are hidden or missing. where are they? Health functions such as pedometer, monitoring, reading site activity, etc. School control panels are allocated during school hours, and teachers and staff have limited access.
  • An easy-to-use app for iOS, Android, or Windows, for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. Automatic identification and naming of place names, fully customizable, adding teachers, setting permissions, activating and deactivating jobs, setting required alerts and notifications as well as access methods (payment, email and SMS). Non-removable and water-resistant sensors, belts and portable underwear. Direct customer service for mothers of autistic children who use AngelSense and meet the specific needs of the community.

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