LinkedIn has contributed to the penetration of European defense companies
LinkedIn has contributed to the penetration of European defense companies

Cybersecurity researchers have shown that a group of hackers pretended to work on LinkedIn for defense giants Collins Aerospace and General Dynamics to storm the network of European military entrepreneurs.

Slovak Cyber ​​Security (ESET) said that between September and December 2019, electronic spies can infiltrate the systems of at least two defense companies and airlines in Central Europe by providing fake jobs to U.S. companies.

On his part, Jan Ian Putin, Head of Threats Information Department at ESET, said: "The attackers used LinkedIn's private messaging feature to send malicious software documents and tried to trick the staff into opening these documents.

"The pirates target a large number of employees in both institutions in different departments and are constantly trying to gain a foothold in the target network."

(ESET) declined to mention the victim's name and the customer's confidentiality, saying: Although the company was unable to identify the intruder, it is unclear whether the information was stolen, but it was clear that the attack was against the South Korean Lazarus organization . Connected. ,

Prosecutors accused the organization of plotting a number of known cyber attacks, including Sony Pictures and the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

It should be noted that this attack was not the first to integrate LinkedIn's network into international espionage.

Western officials have repeatedly accused China of using fake LinkedIn accounts to recruit spies from other countries / regions and use the multi-professional hacking network monitoring network to set their targets.

"Piracy attempts are usually made via email, and this is the first case in which I know LinkedIn uses malware to spread," said ESET Putin.

LinkedIn said it had identified and deleted the account used in the attack, and LinkedIn trust and security manager Paul Rockwell said: We are looking for evidence of government-funded activities on the platform. We are taking swift actions to fight against the bad actors.

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