Review Reiwour OBD 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Reiwour OBD 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

This 4G GPS tracker is equipped with a high-gain GPS device that supports 3G / 4G networks and most ranges. Innovative GPS + WIFI + LBS can guarantee car safety even in underground garages. IP65 software features high-quality and waterproof functions: speed alarm, vandalism alarm, geographical closure, date display etc. To make it work, the GPS OBD-II can be tracked directly with ACC vehicles without worrying about sudden parking and provides continuous GPS tracking and monitoring of your vehicle around the clock. Real-time OBD GPS tracker - GPS location method: GPS + LBS, GPS location accuracy <10m, GPS position update speed of up to 30 seconds, Google Map view: 2D map view, satellite view, one OBD GPS locator enables accurate identification In real time or at regular intervals. Various types of smart alarms - OBD GPS tracker provides many smart alarms, for example B. Power failure alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, geographical barrier alarm, speed alarm l. Use the latest GPS and high-definition accelerometer chips to detect dangerous driving behavior. The operating path, geographical fence path, residence time, driving speed, direction, etc. are automatically saved on the cloud server for 3 months of historical tracking. Set up a geofence (200 to 5000 m) so that the OBD GPS tracker limits its movements in the area. If you cross the region, you will be notified.
Review Reiwour OBD 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Reiwour OBD 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Reiwour OBD 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicles Specs
  • Vehicle GPS Tracker. There are no monthly fees or activation fees. The operating time of the SIM card is one year. Second year renewal ($ 59). Track cars, trucks and fleets. Connect it to the vehicle's OBD-II connector. Real-time positioning via iPhone, Android or web applications.
  • 4G LTE Advanced - With the gradual end of 2G coverage, it's time to switch to 4G. ReiWour car GPS tracker not only supports 2G / 3G SIM cards, it can also be used with most types of 4G SIM cards like AT&T / T-Mobile. Free replacement, more compatible!
  • Smart alarm and progress display - ReiWour GPS car tracker can be serviced for 90 days from the tracking date and can track the vehicle display on any computer, tablet or computer using the Android and IOS app
  • No battery needed! Maintains performance of OBD-II.4G OBD II GPS tracker, easy to install
  • Fleet management: better suited to inform you of vehicle and location information

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