Watch company Garmin is paralyzed by a ransom attack
Watch company Garmin is paralyzed by a ransom attack

After encrypting ransomware attacks, intranets and some of the production systems of smart watch manufacturers, Garmin call centers, websites and other online services encrypted intranets.

This attack had a major impact on the owners of Garmin Connect, as it also closed the Garmin Connect service they rely on to synchronize their sporting activities (such as running, swimming and cycling) with the applications. Smartphone to monitor performance.

In company news on his website and on Twitter, Garmin apologized to users and explained the extent of the closure.

The company said: "We are currently facing a failure affecting and Garmin Connect." "The failure also affected our call center. We cannot answer calls, emails, or online chats at the moment," she added. Work hard to fix this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. “”

It is not clear whether the attack involved loss or theft of customer data. According to the ZDNet website, the attack also affected the flyGarmin flight database service, which supports air navigation equipment and some production lines in Asia.

The pilot informed the scene that he was unable to download the new Garmin with an updated version of the flight database, which is legally required for the flight. The attack also affected the Garmin Pilot app, which is used to plan and plan flights.

The company did not officially announce the ransom attack, but the employees who wrote messages on social media after the accident described it.

Taiwan Tech News iThome issued an internal memo from the Garmin IT department at the Garmin Taiwanese facility, announcing two-day maintenance on Friday and Saturday. The source of the site said: The reason for maintenance is "a virus."

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