A new secure site for WhatsApp. This is the most important feature
A new secure site for WhatsApp. This is the most important feature

WhatsApp has launched a new portal through which you can find detailed information on recently discovered security vulnerabilities. You may want to familiarize yourself with this information as a power user.

WhatsApp does not publish details of the errors until they are fixed so that they are not exploited. Once the vulnerabilities are fixed, you can find all the details in the platform's security instructions. -Form.

WhatsApp has stated that due to restrictions in the App Store and Google Play, complete details of these fixes cannot be published by that time. For the sake of transparency, I decided to leave them behind. Include everything in one place.

The company would like to point out that while the details of the security flaw have been publicly disclosed, the security is no worse than before and only one vulnerability is listed, which does not mean that it has been exploited or that your data has been compromised. Pity.

"We are very committed to transparency. This resource aims to help the tech community benefit from the latest developments in our security work. We strongly encourage all users. To ensure WhatsApp continues to benefit from it," she said in a statement on the new portal. The application is being used. The App Store updates and updates its mobile operating system. As long as updates are available, they will be updated. "

The portal already contains a list of previously unpublished guidelines for this year, five of which were restored on the same day they were discovered - the sixth took longer - and there is no evidence that any of them "among them" were actually used. For harmful purposes.

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, explained that the patch will also be provided for other products with the same Facebook Messenger or Instagram code, and the owners will notify the owners of any new bugs via the third-party code rules. You can make necessary updates.

It should be noted that WhatsApp announced unprecedented changes in the summer of 2016 that will enable settings (end-to-end encryption) by default for all users who have more than a billion users each. Right now, thanks to this step, WhatsApp is the world's most popular encrypted instant messaging app on the Internet.

Since then, its number of users has grown worldwide, exceeding 2 billion users this year. This step means that no one, even the person working on Facebook - the app's owner - will be able to read or extract any data from the contents of the message you sent, and only the two installed apps will be able to access. A phone used as an encrypted endpoint.

To decrypt the encryption that protects your message, both devices must verify and exchange security codes upon delivery of the message. However, according to reports, the app collects certain data about you that can be shared with other business apps like Facebook and Instagram.

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