Google blocks spy apps in its store
Google blocks spy apps in its store

Google has updated its app store rules to officially block bots. This term describes apps that track user movements, calls, messages, and log other app activities.

Stalkerware, also known as the spouse program, is usually advertised for users to find fraud partners, track children at home, and monitor employees at work.

These apps can be installed and run without the knowledge of the device owner. Run in the background of the operating system. This is the main function of all tracking software applications, regardless of whether they are intended for smartphones or laptops.

Over the past decade, the Google Play Store has hosted hundreds of apps that fall under the category of trackers.

As security researchers report this, Google has also removed botnet apps and has generally avoided public speaking about it.

When Google updated its development policy, Google said: All apps that track users and send their data to another device should get appropriate notifications or approvals and always show notifications about how the app tracks user actions.

The new regulations will take effect next month. Applications (stalkers) are blocked because they disable features that are not recognized when installed and run on the victim's device.

If you do not add these required UI changes, User Tracker will not go through the approval process for inclusion in the Google Play Store.

The ban came after the search giant imposed a similar ban on Stalkerware ads in July.

A follow-up investigation by TechCrunch found that the blocking of tracking software advertisements was never implemented, raising the question of whether Google will impose a new ban on the app (stalkerware). Or if it's just a newspaper ploy.

Google's guidelines state that apps should not mislead users about tracking information. Applications must provide users with constant notifications and unique icons to uniquely identify the applications. You are not allowed. Hide tracking behavior.

They should also be designed and sold as parental control or business administration apps, and not covert surveillance solutions.

Google's rules were clarified as part of a large-scale anti-stalking campaign, and the Coalition Against Stalkerware, formed by the Electric Frontier Foundation last year, said, “Such monitoring can facilitate gender-based and domestic violence.

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