Instagram rejects upcoming iPhone system update
Instagram rejects upcoming iPhone system update

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram (Adam Mosseri), said the company opposes future plans to update Apple's iPhone operating system because it will affect user tracking.

But he added, "I don't think we have much control over Apple," referring to Apple's strength as the owner of the only app store with nearly a billion devices.

This change affects the identifier that Apple provides to advertisers, which is the IDFA. It is already planned as an iOS 14 feature, which will be released this fall.

But Apple said last week that it would delay the launch of the feature until 2021. Give developers time to make the necessary changes.

Apple announced in June that it would offer iPhone users the option to block tracking when opening apps.

Advertisers can use this ID to better target ads to individual users and to measure advertising success within the company.

Although the option to turn off tracking is hidden in user options, many users would like to distinguish it from Apple, so encourage most users to log out.

“Instagram campaigns require certain data to serve relevant ads to users and provide value to their advertisers, most of whom are small and medium-sized companies,” Mosseri said.

"If changes in the ecosystem prevent advertisers from measuring their ROI, then that is a problem for our company, but that change is a problem for almost all major ad platforms. So in the long term you don't have to worry."

For all small businesses, this will be a bigger problem as millions of small businesses depend on Instagram to find and attract customers, especially during a pandemic.

Mosseri stated that Instagram wants its users to control their data and understand their data.

He said, "We think there is a way to take responsibility and let people control their data, but that won't make us work blindly."

Instagram's parent company, Facebook, also spoke openly about the change. “This will severely affect publishers' ability to generate revenue through the Audience Network in iOS 14,” he said.

Mosseri said it was necessary to ask Apple about the upcoming update as much as possible, but he said that Apple owns most of the US market and controls everything from start to finish.

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