Review EHBOAQ Radar Detectors for Cars
EHBOAQ Radar Detectors for Cars

Vehicle radar detector, remote sensing radar detector, police radar detector, audio alarm with LED display

EHBOAQ If you are looking for the best radar, you have found it. Real-time digital signal processing can provide the fastest response speed.
See more, faster and more accurate than ever.

Features of installed radar detectors: The speed range is 200-600 meters
Audio warning message
Five-band radar reception
LED display
Dual mode, suburban / city mode
No special installation, easy to control

Advantages of using radar detectors for vehicles:
1. Discover stationary or portable devices of the Radia Speed ​​Monitor 200-600m
2. Detect traffic monitors or fixed cameras in advance
3- Drive carefully and avoid traffic offenses
4. Suitable for all GPS navigators and universal mounts, so you can enjoy every trip.

the description:
1. Connect the product to the car charger and it will start working
2. Volume control: Briefly press the "DN" and "UP" buttons.
3. City / Highway mode: (The default is Highway mode): Quickly press the "Menu" button.
4. Language exchange: Press the “MENU” button for about 10 seconds. Communication between English and Russian
5. So that only the signal is displayed on the screen, please set the mute function: when receiving the signal
After the beep, just press the "UP" button or the "DN" button.
6. Sound alarm: Reconnect the product to the car charger. The audible alarm has been restored from the silent state

Review EHBOAQ Radar Detectors for Cars
EHBOAQ Radar Detectors for Cars

  • [No blind spot]: The radar detection technology can detect the signals before and after the vehicle, and the distance of the effective speed point of the front and back scan is 300-600 meters. When scanning at any angle, there is no blind spot for measuring velocity. No matter where your adventure takes, it can protect you anywhere.
  • [Voice warning]: Individual voice warning can realize the function of hands-free talk and clear communication. The radar detector depends on your speed and adapts the alarm to your location. Find out about traffic monitors or stationary cameras (at traffic lights) early so you know them before the threats arise.
  • [Long Distance Measuring Distance: The radar detector installed on the vehicle can detect the radar devices at a distance of approximately 200-600 meters, the highest sensitivity can provide radar warnings for hundreds of meters and provide a wider detection area, even with the fastest radar gun, it can give the driver Best warning given.
  • [City Mode / Highway Mode]: City Mode / Highway Mode allows you to reduce the stray frequency field in densely populated cities. Long-range radar detection features super variable range technology, ultra-fast scanning circuits can help you expand detection range and accuracy. Provide continuous protection while driving to avoid traffic violations.
  • [Ready to use]: Simply install the E8 radar detector on the windshield and deploy it. You don't need to change any settings, we have them prepared for you! what are you waiting for? Just add it to your cart and enjoy.

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