WhatsApp allows silent conversations forever but there are still major drawbacks
WhatsApp allows silent conversations forever but there are still major drawbacks

Usually wanting not to be distracted by family and friends is a better reason to calm down a WhatsApp conversation than to leave the group. However, this was only yet possible for a specified period of up to a year.

The company that owns WhatsApp has now updated the app to replace the (one year) option with the (permanent) option.

You can add some family members or friends to a group in WhatsApp. You may find that the content posted in this group is not useful to you and that having too many posts is a distraction from your work. They hope you left the group, but not without one of them being considered. In this situation or a similar situation, silent chat may be your first choice as no one will be able to see that you have done so.

If you turn off WhatsApp conversations, you will no longer receive notifications or warnings when new messages arrive in the group. You can then ignore it to a large extent and check it from time to time if necessary. It used to be the norm to turn audio back on every year, but WhatsApp Twitter tweeted that that's no longer the case.

This new option works for most people, but some people don't even want to see the chat, so muting it isn't ideal in a situation where the group always goes up every time someone types. Some people prefer the ability to simply archive a conversation without seeing it. one more time.

However, the biggest demand is the real support for running WhatsApp on multiple devices. Currently, WhatsApp only works on iPhones of Apple users, and there are third-party iPad apps available. However, this is just a front-end web interface. Only one connection is supported at a time. . The official Mac app is the same. Using the app on a Mac will disconnect the iPad and vice versa.

Some functions of the machine are those that we need urgently. In 2020 we still need a phone online. If you do not backup, reset or restore another phone, you will not be able to use more than one phone. It's the kind of archaic behavior that most users complain about. .

Many of us want WhatsApp (like iMessage) to function properly and send messages to the official apps on all devices. In the aforementioned coalition in August, this option may be under preparation.

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