Edge browser suffers from fraudulent add-ons
Edge browser suffers from fraudulent add-ons

Microsoft is marketing the new Chromium-based Edge browser to users in ways that sometimes aren't compatible with the users.

Microsoft has touted for all of its features or how it competes with big companies like the Google Chrome browser, and the browser seems big enough to be an exploitable target.

Google and Mozilla have prevented abusive or malicious browser extensions from entering official stores for many years, and Microsoft is now fighting this.

As with other browsers, a large number of fake versions of Edge browser add-ons have been exposed.

Browsers have a lot of add-ons and extensions, although they are not what they used to be a few years ago.

Some of these add-ons provide additional convenience, for example b. Picture-in-picture for websites that do not offer this functionality.

Other add-ons promise to be safe by adding a VPN to the browser.

Since these plugins can benefit from web browser and browsing activities, it is an ideal tool for hacking and intrusion, especially because it can easily trick users into installing it.

This is easiest when plugins use popular or trusted brand names when redirecting search queries to another website, and search engine redirection is often part of a system that generates fraudulent revenue.

According to reports, the plugins only hijack legitimate searches, but the required permissions can make the situation worse.

One of the biggest problems with browser add-ons is the almost non-existent scanning process.

The Chrome Web Store restricts access to plug-ins, but anyone can still submit plug-ins to the Chrome Web Store or Edge Web Store, and they can also submit under aliases.

Microsoft employees wrote in a statement: We are investigating reported add-ons and taking steps to protect customers.

Microsoft has now removed these fake attachments. However, if the software giant cannot completely fix these attachment issues, it's only a matter of time before they appear again.

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