NOLO Controllers 3D Virtual Reality System Set
NOLO Controllers 3D Virtual Reality System Set

NOLO VR Headset Accessories Mobile Phone Controller Console Kit Mobile Phone 3D Virtual Reality System Kit VR Headset Games Cardboard VR Game Controller Glasses Video Motion Tracker Kit for Mobile Phone and PC

NOLO CV1 is a VR / AR motion tracking suite that provides the SteamcR gaming experience for Oculus Go

In addition to watching movies with the Oculus Go, the NOLO CV1 also provides 6 DOF location tracking for Oculus Go headphones. By combining optical, audio and radio signals, millimeter accuracy and low latency can be achieved with long service life. , Low energy consumption and high transmission capacity. Use the Oculus Go headset and the NOLO CV1 to play 3,000+ SteamVR games.

Oculus go

NOLO CV1 brings interactive 6DoF VR function for Oculus Go! Dive into over 2000 SteamVR games!

Gear VR

The NOLO CV1 provides spatial tracking for Gear VR. Not only do you watch a movie but also immerse yourself in the exciting and awesome game SteamVR!

PlayStation VR

The NOLO CV1 allows PSVR headphones to access SteamVR games. Enjoy exclusive PC games without spending a lot of money!

Base station - the size of the anterior chamber

Small but powerful, it can detect movement in an area with a field of view of 100 degrees and a radius of 5 meters. The positioning accuracy is less than 2mm

Control fully immersed in your hands

Manually interact with characters and objects in the virtual world, just like in the real world. Follow your move in 6DoF position or in turn

Smooth movement of the headphones in the virtual world

With a delay of less than 20ms, you can fully synchronize and immerse yourself in real actions.

NOLO Controllers 3D Virtual Reality System Set
NOLO Controllers 3D Virtual Reality System Set

  • Motion Tracking Kit for PC VR Headsets, Standalone VR Headsets, and Mobile VR: NOLO CV1 is the first device to offer a comprehensive VR experience for the mobile VR platform. Users can freely navigate and interact in the virtual world with the help of the virtual reality glasses
  • Fully immersive virtual reality: Get ready for SteamVR in seconds and combine the immersive experience of a VR headset for PC. Here's how to use your VR headset to play SteamVR games with NOLO devices. Note: Assembly required. Please contact us to get setup information. Support @
  • Full VR Games Compatibility: NOLO CV1 supports more than 3000 Steam VR games (PC program and live streaming required) and Oculus platforms such as Beat Saber, Super Hot, Job Simulator, Audio Shield, Space Pirate Trainer, Serious Sam VR, etc. . CV1 also has an app from NOLO Home, the first VR 6-DOF mobile app platform.
  • Compatible with a variety of VR headsets - Samsung Gear VR, Pimax 4K, PSVR, and Oculus Go.
  • SPECIFICATIONS AND RECOMMENDED PLAYING AREA - The NOLO CV1 has a positioning accuracy of less than 2mm, a transmission time of less than 20ms, and a positioning range of 100m for a 5m FOV base station. In front of the base station, the initial distance between the base station and the operator should not be less than 2 meters (there is no block in the middle).

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