PHONELEX Verizon Signal Booster 4G LTE Band13 700Mh

PHONELEX PLX-MDC Cell Phone Booster Verizon 4G LTE Band13700MHz Cell Phone Booster Verizon Cell Phone Booster Verizon Cellular Signal Booster Signal Booster Antenna Booster Kit Voice and master data booster

Cells are welcome and durable

Solve the problem of poor reception quality, receive good and consistent signals, improve cellular services, never skip the line, and get great performance

No more missed and abandoned calls

The Home Battery Signal Booster Kit prevents missed and missed calls and extends the battery life of multiple battery powered devices

Delete calls and express network data

Answer clear calls, send text messages, surf the web, watch broadcasts of video and media, relax. It is used in homes, offices, basements, warehouses, villages and garages

PHONELEX Verizon Signal Booster 4G LTE Band13 700Mh

  •     Verizon mobile signal booster is suitable for Verizon 700 MHz FDD 4G LTE. It can receive the signal from the cell phone tower and then amplify the signal of your cell phone. This mobile phone signal booster can boost Verizon's 4G LTE voice and data. Work frequency: range 13
  •     Verizon Signal Booster is specially designed for Verizon Band 13 cell line and it is much faster than high speed 4G LTE internet. Ideal for users who need to quickly download and download streaming apps (for example, Google Chrome, Safari, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and other data-hungry apps). Supports all Verizon 4G / LTE Cellular Service Providers in the following frequency range: Downlink: 746-757MHz Uplink: 776-787MHz. Optimize the existing connections of multiple devices simultaneously
  •     Good voice quality and fast 4G LTE data, fewer missed calls, improved audio quality, faster downloads and downloads, no slower internet connection or while watching favorite programs and movie shows, long uptime and excellent broadcast ability in its covered area. The coverage area of ​​the Verizon Cellular Signal Booster can reach 4000 square feet or as many as 2 to 4 parts, which can solve the problem of weak cellular network signal. Enjoy your quality time at home
  •     Excellent performance, high gain 65dB, low operating temperature, extremely low noise reception. YaGi directional antenna kit is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is suitable for a variety of devices and users. Home, office, hotel, apartment, etc.
  •     FCC Certified, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Simple Instructions, The Package Contains All Components Required For Installation, It's Easy To Install And Works Fast

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