Let's Encrypt can securely search old Android phones
Let's Encrypt can securely search old Android phones

Let's Encrypt, a non-profit certification authority run by the Internet Security Research Group, announced that it had found a solution to the issue that improved the compatibility of older Android phones with its certification for three years.

The nonprofit CA warned in November that older Android phones running version 7.1.1 or earlier will not be able to access most secure networks until September 2021.

Let's Encrypt uses a different IdenTrust CA for self-registration for the certificate to work on the legacy platform.

The IdenTrust certificate that enables this process will expire next year, and the agency noted that this is a big problem as 33.8% of Android users are still using Android versions prior to 7.1. .

Let's Encrypt is the world's largest certification authority, according to the University of Michigan. By providing free services and making it easier to implement HTTPS, the number of secure websites has multiplied.

And in February of that year, the non-profit organization announced that it had issued the billionth certificate.

In the new announcement, Let's Encrypt said: Thanks to the innovative thinking of its community and exceptional IdenTrust partners, it has been able to find an alternative solution for partners to implement a new co-signature solution that will last until 2024. Year.

Users don't have to do anything nor even threaten to say that if they never read this question, they will be almost inaccessible to secure websites.

"The encryption solution ensures uninterrupted service for all users and avoids possible outages affecting them."

Certificates are a way for websites to identify themselves as safe and enable HTTPS. Issued by certified certification bodies for software developers and browsers.

In practice, this means that browser and app certificates issued by these agencies are automatically rated as trustworthy without the need for each site to be rated as trustworthy by every browser present.

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