Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker
Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker

Cosinart SS-15P1 Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, Silver

The Cuisinart Coffee Center features a fully automatic 12-cup coffee machine on one side and a coffee maker on the other. Whether you drink alone or serve a crowd, you can easily enjoy the cuisine that will be waiting for you by Cuisinart. This 2-function coffee machine can save more counter space! .

All you need is one!

There is a fully programmable 12-cup coffee maker on one side and a 6-ounce, 8-ounce, or 10-ounce coffee maker on the other side. The amount of the drink.

Home Barista Reusable Filter Cup

A reusable filter cup is included so you can enjoy a meal with your favorite coffee.

Variety of services or services!

Prepare a pitcher of 12 cups max or make one cup of coffee.

Switch panel

Fully automatic with 24 hour programming, automatic cleaning, coarse coffee options, temperature control and auto shut off function (0-4 hours)

Cuisinart's coffee plate sample pack contains recyclable capsules!

Cuisinart offers 3 types of coffee pods to choose from: medium roast, dark roast or French vanilla. Our capsules are recyclable! Simply prepare your favorite dish, wait for the capsules to cool down, remove the filter from the outer cup with the cutting sticker in advance, then throw the outer cup into the trash and compost!

Removable water tank and drip tray

One serving size is 40 ounces. The removable water tank is easy to fill and the removable drip tray holds the travel mug.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker
Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker

  •  12-cup glass cup with stainless steel handle. Material: metal
  • Control the strength of the infusion - choose fats to improve the taste of your coffee. Cubic feet of BPA-free: 1.71
  • Only the gold coffee filter allows you to know the pure taste of the coffee. UCft: 1.26
  • Single serving size: 6, 8, 10 ounces; Charcoal water filter
  • Cosinart Home Barista includes a reusable filter cup that you can use your coffee with and it is also K-cup compatible

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