Apple is promoting For All Mankind via augmented reality
Apple is promoting For All Mankind via augmented reality

Apple is preparing to release the second season of the American science fiction series All Mankind, which will be shown on February 19 on Apple TV Plus.

The company started promoting the series with the launch of a new augmented reality app called For All Mankind: Time Capsule, which aims to bridge the gap between the two seasons using AR in the exhibition world.

The app itself is a vehicle for promoting the second season of one of Apple's original flagship offerings, and it should be noted that this is another sign of Apple's interest in augmented reality technology.

Even if it's said to work with augmented reality glasses.

After a ten-year hiatus between seasons one and two, the app traces the relationship between Danny Stephens and his parents, astronauts Gordo Stevens and Tracy Stevens.

Users who download the free iOS app can interact with various objects such as audio tapes and Apple II computers to illustrate family relationships.

The app can guide users within 45 to 60 minutes of their content programming experience, but it also appears to be designed to help with more exploration and reach.

You can check e-mail and play text adventure games through your computer. If your Apple device has a LiDAR scanner, for example: iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPad Pro, you can use Slide Show by default. The projector displays a picture of Danny's family on the wall.

The series 'producer (Ben McGinnis) said: The app was created around the same time as the series' second season, as the creative team and Apple discovered the best elements to spread the story and while developing AR creatures.

Writer and executive producer (Ron Moore) added that he was pleased with the opportunity to offer fans new ways to explore the world of the show and its characters, especially since the materials created by the series' authors tend to be better than those shown. On screen more content.

The For All Mankind team wrote: Lots of content like love letters and newsletters are only shown on screen for a while and can then be shared with others in the app. Supported.

You can watch "All Mankind" live broadcast without the augmented reality elements. However, if you like augmented reality, then this app can enrich your experience.

The app allows you to interact with virtual items placed in a box of real things through the lens of your iPhone or iPad. The app uses sound and music to increase interest in the story.

Augmented Reality technology offers an exciting new way to bring scenes into the world of the entire humanity in unprecedented ways. Using this technology, viewers can immerse themselves in the series by interacting with it. Objects, people and people neutralize the media in an efficient and useful way.

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