What is the future of Huawei in smartphones in 2021?
What is the future of Huawei in smartphones in 2021?

Before former US President Donald Trump arrived in the White Egg, the Chinese company (Huawei) followed the South Korean company (Samsung) Samsung and was on its way to becoming one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones. It has ranked first in recent years, especially after overtaking Apple to become the second largest smartphone maker in the world.

But after Trump launched a violent trade war against China, all that changed when the previous presidential administration imposed severe sanctions on him that prevented Huawei from doing business with American companies and Huawei suddenly found itself in that war. The main tool. Therefore, Google and its apps are essential for all Android smartphones.

Now, with consumers starting to adopt new smartphone models in early 2021, the company is forced to set very modest goals as Google services and apps will not be included in smartphones launched this year.

In addition to buying processors, modems, and other smart phone devices from US companies, the company is in a very complex situation in the future of smartphones. How dangerous is this situation?

Many observers expect that the new US administration can ease some restrictions on Huawei, but President Obama (Joe Biden) is showing no signs of lifting the trade ban on Huawei.

US Trade Secretary candidate Gina Raymondo (Gina Raymondo) said: "I do not currently see any reason to blacklist companies from the Department of Commerce entities list, as most of them are blacklisted for reasons of national security or foreign policy."

This has forced Huawei to take decisive action for the future of its phone industry, including selling Honor (its trademark) to a consortium of several companies to enable independent transactions.

In addition, according to the Nikkei Index, expectations regarding Huawei’s production of mobile phones in 2021 have fallen sharply as the company has reportedly informed its suppliers that smartphone component orders this year will be 189 million higher compared to 2016. “In smartphone shipments, it has decreased. The dollar is more than 60% It is estimated that by 2020, the company will produce between 70 and 80 million mobile phones in 2021 alone.

This question is not limited to the number of applications only, but also the phone models being developed. A report indicated that the use of processors will be limited after the US company (Qualcomm) obtained a license last November to communicate with models that support 4G networks. This could prevent the devices from being imported to create 5G-enabled cell phones.

These poor prospects for the future of the Huawei wireless industry are not new because they are on the list of companies banned from doing business with US companies. For example, a report released in January this year found that the company could produce about 45 million smartphones.

However, the company is still working hard to find a solution, including continuing negotiations with the new US government or selling its smartphone division - Huawei vehemently denied this later - but that doesn't mean it will continue to operate. The company faces a lot. The new content is completely pulling it off the smartphone market.

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