Google developed the price tracking feature for the Android Chrome browser
Google developed the price tracking feature for the Android Chrome browser

The latest version of the Chrome browser for Android introduced a new price tracking feature to remind you of the low prices.

Google previously suspended the Android shopping app earlier this month to replace it with a web app.

Chrome browser version 90 brings new features, but not everyone can use them.

Once activated, Chrome will monitor which tabs you open to see low prices and send you a notification when something happens.

This feature can be useful for Android app functionality, but is not compatible with price tracking extensions like Keepa, which can be used in the desktop version of Chrome.

The requirement to keep the tab open to track price is strange, and Google must find a better solution before the feature spreads.

If the Chrome browser version has been updated with this feature, you can also open it from the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the Select Tab screen listed as Track Price.

You can activate this feature manually by highlighting: chrome: // in the address bar / # enable-tab-grid-layout, clicking the drop-down menu, and choosing "Enable price notification."

Your browser may need to restart to view this feature, but this technique is not suitable for everyone.

The Android Chrome browser released price tracking information a few months after adding the price comparison tool to the Microsoft Edge browser, which quickly contained built-in coupons and support ads.

Mozilla's Firefox browser tried out its price tracking feature called Price Wise in 2018, although it appears that it hasn't officially received the feature since.

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