Ubiquiti accused of covering up catastrophic data breaches
Ubiquiti accused of covering up catastrophic data breaches

Ubiquiti is a company whose customer-level routers have become synonymous with security and manageability, and have been accused of covering up catastrophic security breaches.

After 24 hours of silence, the company issued a statement and did not reject any requests from the whistleblowers.

On January 11, Ubiquiti first sent an email to its customers regarding so-called slight security gaps with third-party cloud service providers.

However, cybersecurity news site KrebsOnSecurity noted that the hacking attack was actually much more dangerous than Ubiquiti indicated.

Ubiquiti itself appears to have been compromised, and the company's legal team has blocked efforts to thoroughly educate clients about the risks.

According to reports, the hacker gained full access to the company's AWS server - Ubiquiti kept the primary admin logged in to the LastPass account.

Hackers can access any Ubiquiti network device that clients have set up to control the company's cloud services.

They also managed to obtain the secret of the encrypted single-access cookie from a remote, all the contents of the source code control, and the hacking of the signature key.

The company reiterated its position in a new statement that there is no evidence that user data has been accessed or stolen. Ubiquiti testimony also confirmed the hacker attempted to extort his money.

However, the company does not keep any records that can be used as evidence of who or who did not access the infected server.

The company acknowledges that its computer systems have been accessed and that many technicians trust the company's network equipment because the company has promised full control of the network without worrying about cloud-based solutions.

Ubiquiti was unable to properly communicate with the customer and only requested the user to change the password. However, the most appropriate answer was to immediately close all accounts and request a password reset.

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