McDonald's suffered a data breach
McDonald's suffered a data breach

Fast food chain McDonald's is the latest company to have its personal information stolen by a third party, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Contrary to recent attacks on the Central News Agency and the colonial pipeline, McDonald's has made it clear that it does not process ransom requests. However, information about this business has been blocked in the United States and some information about customers from South Korea and Taiwan.

McDonald's said hackers stole some data from its marketplace system, another example of cybercriminals infiltrating well-known companies around the world.

The company discovered a data breach after hiring an outside consultant to investigate unauthorized activity in its internal security system. The reason for this was a specific incident that interrupted unauthorized access a week after discovery.

Data shown in the United States includes franchisee business contact information, seating capacity and retail space.

He explained that the leaked employee data was neither sensitive nor personal. The company recommends that employees and franchisees monitor and keep phishing emails private when information is requested.

The company said, "McDonald's has gained access to the personal information of customers in South Korea and Taiwan.

The Company is taking steps to notify the regulators and clients listed in these documents. McDonald's indicated that these files do not contain any information about customer payments.

McDonald's said the data breach did not affect business operations. In the coming days, many other markets will take steps to process files containing personal data of employees.

The Wall Street Journal writes that these other markets include South Africa and Russia. Both cases were reported to a safety advisor as part of the initial investigation.

An unpaid data breach at restaurant chains like McDonald's isn't as bad as someone who deals in credit cards or shuts down one of the world's largest beef suppliers. But this is another example of how large companies can grow and are often easy targets for hackers.

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