D-Link R15 EAGLE PRO AI WiFi 6 Smart Internet Router
D-Link R15 EAGLE PRO AI WiFi 6 Smart Internet Router

D-Link R15 EAGLE PRO AI WiFi 6 Smart Internet Router - The latest 2021 chipset for gaming and media streaming - Advanced AI capabilities can connect up to 128 devices. Parental controls work with Alexa and Google AX1500 (R15)

The EAGLE PRO AI series from D-Link uses the advanced R15 AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 router: Wi-Fi is meant to be smarter, faster and easier. The R15 offers advanced AI capabilities that can intelligently monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi network so you can maintain optimum performance anytime, anywhere. The EAGLE PRO AI Series improves on existing Wi-Fi in private homes and provides a powerful, high-quality online experience in hardware-heavy homes. Built-in AI functionality enables the new R15 Router, M15 Network Hardware and E15 Range Extender to deliver faster, safer and more reliable WiFi performance. Wi-Fi Optimizer has a dedicated antenna that constantly scans you and connects you to the best Wi-Fi channel. AI Mesh Optimizer is a unique AI packet composition technology that helps maintain a reliable network connection between the router and optimize the repeater. Homeowners get stronger and more reliable WiFi. With the help of the AI ​​Traffic Optimizer, Eagle PRO AI devices automatically allocate bandwidth to different applications to ensure that activities are not interrupted, whether you are playing games, making voice calls, streaming video or downloading files. The AI ​​Assistant collects performance information over time and then sends detailed reports. With the help of AI parental controls, parents can get more customized management options and more information to monitor the router’s internet access day and night. With OFDMA, BSS coloration, 1024-QAM, and targeted wake-time technologies, the future of Wi-Fi 6 has grown and provides better, faster, and more efficient coverage. * Theoretical coverage and connected devices in the D-Link Lab test may vary in different environments.

 WiFi 6 . performance

Wi-Fi performance is futureproof 6. Your connected home will receive more Wi-Fi streaming for high-demand applications such as 4K TVs, online gaming and video calling.

Improve coverage

Create and customize a connected WiFi experience for the whole family. When you walk around the house, these devices automatically switch to the strongest frequency band. In addition, four powerful external antennas improve WLAN access and reliability.

clean the net

Complies with the latest security standards such as WPA3 and IEC 624431-4-1, Clean Network

Exclusive advanced chipset

Combined with the advanced chipset designed specifically for D-Link AI, it delivers a great Internet experience for your home. The unique algorithm with deep learning and self-healing functions ensures that your home WiFi is better than yesterday.

D-Link R15 EAGLE PRO AI WiFi 6 Smart Internet Router
D-Link R15 EAGLE PRO AI WiFi 6 Smart Internet Router

  •  AI Wi-Fi OPTIMIZER constantly connects you to the best WiFi channel
  • AI Mesh OPTIMIZER creates a stronger connection between your EAGLE PRO AI Mesh WLAN device (coming soon) and your router
  • AI Traffic OPTIMIZER prioritizes your most important online services for ultimate stability
  • AI-powered parental controls give you more flexibility to control kids' online activities
  • It can connect up to 128 devices, making it ideal for modern smart homes that require hardware intensive. Help eliminate WiFi blind spots in your home
  • Wi-Fi 6 delivers ultra-fast Wi-Fi for increased range activity and reliability speeds of up to 1500Mbps
  • D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh allows you to create a powerful mesh network with other D-Link EAGLE PRO AI Wi-Fi Mesh devices (coming soon)

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