Foldable phones may have endurance in the future
Foldable phones may have endurance in the future

Foldable phones offer a bright vision of the future. The concept of smartphones and tablets is integrated. In simple terms, these devices can provide the functionality of ordinary smartphones and tablet PCs to users. Needless to say, anything is possible to import a courier.

In general, foldable phones are more straightforward, so these are attractive phones for seasoned enthusiasts. However, since the advent of foldable cell phones, one major issue has arisen, which is reliability and durability.

Samsung foldable mobile phones have improved significantly this year, they are more durable and can be folded and unfolded many times. It also becomes water resistant. However, foldable screens are always more prone to scratches and their hinges are still not sufficiently dustproof.

As mentioned earlier, although these phones have improved and supported a wide variety of protective cases and screen protectors, their owners still struggle with reliability.

On the other hand, in the future, foldable phones can completely solve all reliability issues, in many ways.

Reliability of foldable phones

There are many forms of foldable cell phones. However, one of the most important forms is the "clam" shape. We saw it on the Galaxy Z Flip. Perhaps this shape or model is the most reliable, the main reason being that the screen is not affected by external factors.

On the other hand, many statistics show an important point. The mobile phone is usually damaged by accidentally dropping it. In other words, not many people damage the phone while using it.

In theory, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be more durable than traditional cell phones. If it is accidentally dropped by the user, it will fall when folded. Full protection of the inner screen. The same principle can also be used on other mobile phones.

Some people believe that these factors can cause a company to make minor changes to its design. If you say Samsung, there may be an external screen on mobile phones like the Galaxy Z Fold because even when the phone is folded it is easy to break.

Perhaps the most threatening reliability problems today are the hinges and dust resistance. But if Apple and Google compete in this market, that could change.

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