PlayStation accused of discrimination
PlayStation accused of discrimination

As first reported by Axios, California-based PlayStation was legally charged with gender discrimination and unfair segregation after publicly discussing female discrimination by the gaming giant.

According to the lawsuit details, former computer security analyst Emma Mago has filed a class action lawsuit to represent other women who may face alleged gender discrimination on PlayStation.

The lawsuit alleges that Sony tolerates and promotes a work environment that discriminates against female employees. He claimed that women were denied promotion and would not receive the same salary as men in similar positions.

Less than a week ago, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan sent an email to employees condemning the alleged Activision Blizzard abuse and harassment story reporting for CEO Bobby Kotik over the company's 30 years.

Speaking at a company-wide briefing, Ryan said he was disappointed that Activision Blizzard had not done enough to combat its deeply entrenched culture of discrimination and harassment. He also said that PlayStation did not believe Activision Blizzard's comments made the situation right.

The lawsuit against Sony describes Magoo's experience as an employee of the company from 2015 to 2021. She claims she was denied answers on how to get a promotion. She also claimed that she was demoted due to inquiries about her.

Mago also alleged that he heard sexist statements from his manager. These comments show that women are more emotional and less professional compared to male employees.

The lawsuit alleges that Magoo provided Sony with a signed statement to repair alleged damage to the company in 2021. When a department that Magoo said he did not belong to was closed, Magoo was quickly released. On the contrary, Mago said she was wrongly fired for being a woman and for speaking out about discrimination against women.

PlayStation criticizes Activision Blizzard's reaction

In an industry that has long been dominated by men, video game companies are increasingly under scrutiny for their treatment of women. Game companies like Ubisoft and Riot are facing the experiences of the women who work for them.

Sony's lawsuit comes in a high-profile federal and international lawsuit against Call of Duty maker Activision Blizzard for alleged sexual misconduct and a gender pay gap.

In California, where Sony is headquartered in the United States, oversight of the treatment of women by game companies has been particularly severe.

In 2018, women at Riot Games, Los Angeles, filed a class action lawsuit over gender discrimination.

The regulatory environment in California provides many opportunities for workers and government agencies to hold companies accountable.

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