Minka Aire F868L-WHF Sleek LED 60 Inch Ceiling Fan
Minka Aire F868L-WHF Sleek LED 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F868L-WHF Sleek-60" LED Ceiling Fan, Pure White Finish, Bleached Wood Blades Finish

Minka-Aire F686L-WHF 60 Inch 3-blade Smart Indoor Fan with 6-Speed ​​DC Motor and White LED Light Suitable for Alexa, Nest, Ecobee, Google Home, iOS/Android Apps

The Minka Aire Sleek LED Smart Ceiling Fan is another seamless addition to our 3-part ceiling fan series. This fan has high performance and modern rustic design. Energy-efficient DC motors and built-in 16W LED bulbs add value to this stylish new artwork. Download the free iOS/Android app and use the smart fan compatibility feature.

This is a WiFi ceiling fan with Smart by Bond technology that allows you to connect the device to your favorite smart home system via WiFi. quick and easy setup; Simply download the latest Bond app to your smartphone (for iOS and Android), Smart by Bond connects to WiFi online and instantly adds voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. This means that your ceiling fan can be activated by sound. Other drivers can be used for full integration with other systems including: SmartThings, Control4, ELAN, Hubitat, etc.

● Connect the ceiling fan to your home WiFi in minutes

● Download Bond Home Skill for Alexa or Bond Home Action for Google Home and control the ceiling fan with your voice

● Use the Bond Home App to control the fan from your smart home system or mobile phone

● It can also be integrated with SmartThings, Control4, ELAN, Hubitat, etc.

Free app for absolute control with Bond Home

Bond Home is the leading platform for smart ceiling fans. Bond Home supports all Smart by Bond ceiling fans.

The device is easy to use

Whether you are using your mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can easily control everything with this fan. Comfort has been redefined.

Activate Alexa and Google Home

Compatibility is the key. Why not make it easier? It is better to use smart home technology devices.

Activate cloud WiFi

Cloud WiFi activation allows unlimited control at any distance.

Remote control included

This remote control gives you complete control over fan speed and light brightness.

Optional bottom bar

The slim design allows you to customize the look of the fan, whether you want a low profile or prefer to install the fan in a larger room. The bottom bar is available in 60, 48, 36, 24, 12 and 3.5 inch configurations. (Including 6-inch floor pole)

Warm and modern light

The look and feel of this fan can define a room or space. This is the last contact, let your guests ask where they can find it.

Minka Aire F868L-WHF Sleek LED 60 Inch Ceiling Fan
Minka Aire F868L-WHF Sleek LED 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

  •  The Minka-Aire Sleek Fan is connected to the smart home technologies you use every day, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Ecobee
  • Download the free app and you can sync the fan with the Minka-Aire Bond Home apps for iOS and Android to control lights and fan speeds, use multiple fans in your home, use smart features and reduce energy costs you can have at home or on the plane that goes.
  • Scope of delivery: Built-in 16W LED lighting kit, RC600 remote control and 6-inch footrest The WC600 wall controller can be purchased separately.
  • The Minka-Aire stylish ceiling fan uses a powerful and quiet DC motor that is energy-saving and efficient. Each fan is factory-balanced and tested to ensure that it does not vibrate, chirp or vibrate after installation.
  • With indoor ceiling fans, you can enjoy the fan anywhere in the room.
  • Product size and design: pure white, with pure white blades, 54 inch 3 wiper blade, 13 inch ceiling fan at lowest point, with 6 inch drop shaft (included)

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