Starlink reaches Tesla Supercharger
Starlink reaches Tesla Supercharger

Tesla has begun rolling out Starlink antennas to supercharging stations, apparently to provide car owners with a satellite internet connection while charging.

The Supercharger Network currently offers the best electric vehicle charging experience. Other charging networks are closing the gap. But Tesla's early investment in providing free shipping testing has paid off.

The purpose of charging is always to reduce the charging time. However, it is not uncommon for Tesla owners to stay at the train station for more than 30 minutes.

Loading time is usually good for a snack or a break. But the automaker has also implemented an in-car experiment when it comes to charging.

Tesla develops in-car entertainment applications such as Tesla Theater, which includes Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and other streaming applications, and Tesla Arcade, which includes multiple video games.

Car owners with Advanced Connectivity ($10 monthly subscription for data-intensive apps) can take advantage of these features over Tesla's LTE cellular connection.

Tesla recently reduced the period for advanced connectivity testing, forcing more car owners to choose to pay for or forgo features. If their car is connected to a wireless network, those who don't pay can still use these features.

To improve the Supercharger experience, CEO Elon Musk has committed to providing wireless network connections at the station.

Musk is also the CEO of SpaceX, hinting that he will use the Starlink system to extend the Internet to supercharging stations.

Spotted a Starlink dish at a Supercharger station in Florida

Now it looks like Tesla has launched it as many Tesla owners have found the Starlink antenna in their supercharging station.

SpaceX recently expanded its Starlink Internet service, which is currently powered by a constellation of more than 1,000 satellites. Starlink now has over 100,000 users and continues to grow rapidly.

Tesla recently announced that its network of supercharging stations has reached a new milestone with more than 30,000 supercharging stations in more than 3,100 locations.

The automaker aims to triple the network within two years, when it will also be open to electric vehicle owners from other manufacturers.

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