Lawmakers demand Amazon answers after warehouse deaths
Lawmakers demand Amazon answers after warehouse deaths

After a tornado hit six people at a warehouse in Illinois, a group of lawmakers called on Amazon to respond.

A letter to Amazon CEO Andy Gacy (Andy Gacy) and founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) stated that the October 10 incident at the Edwardsville plant was proportionate.

The message goes on to say: As we work hard to prevent such tragedies from happening again, we seek answers to what happened at the Edwardsville warehouse and whether your policies contributed to this tragedy. .

A separate letter was sent to the Secretary of Labor asking him to use his department's powers to ensure that Amazon treats its workers with fairness and dignity. The Occupational Safety and Health Office at the Ministry of Labor has launched an investigation into the warehouse company.

The letter states: “Where widespread and credible allegations of labor and labor law violations are made, the size and scope of Amazon require special scrutiny by federal regulators. Frequent strikes and attempts to regulate reflect persistent dissatisfaction with corporate governance.

Did Amazon policy kill six workers?

The course of hurricane damage included the company's Edwardsville warehouse, which was completely destroyed by the hurricane. According to reports, warehouse workers did not receive adequate safety training after the building collapsed. While weather warnings indicate that a hurricane is about to strike that day, the company's general unwillingness to take action also puts workers at risk.

Lawmakers said the situation in Edwardsville is a renewed reminder that the company's anti-union and anti-union behavior directly endangers its workers. It is unacceptable to put corporate profits above the health and safety of workers.

This letter contains a list of questions that Amazon must answer by January 3rd. Lawmakers are asking who worked at the Edwardsville warehouse on Dec. 10 and what security policies the company has put in place. The same applies if the company, despite the hurricane warning, required workers to continue working at the plant.

The lawmakers also wrote that they are deeply concerned about reports that the company is considering re-banning cell phones. Due to the Corona virus, the project was suspended in 2020.

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