Nixeus NX-EDG34S EDG
Nixeus NX-EDG34S EDG 34 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

Nixeus NX-EDG34S EDG 34 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

The original FreeSync certification spectrum developed for the Ultimateide 1500R Curve computer game console ranges from 48 Hz to 144 Hz, and features the original DisplayPort 1.4 EDG gamer! : 144Hz HD refresh rate with DisplayPort 1.4 display - At the heart of NX-EDG34, an advanced video game display that allows you to create daily content and competitive games thanks to 144Hz at night High refresh rates, you can distinguish yourself from your opponents with less traditional screens or screens that are not Games. Super Height 21 with Curve 1500R: 9 - Enjoy a more spacious and immersive gaming screen with the Curve 1500R field of view - more and more office space, curves and contrast to large 16: 9 screens or a more impressive Curve 1800R monitors even more than the approved Ultrawide 1500R curve gaming screen From AMD Radeon FreeSync: AMD Radeon FreeSync certified range games should not choose between choppy games or broken frames. This should not be the case with the Nixeus EDG 34 "3440 x 1440 AMD FreeSync 144 Hz display. With AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, you can achieve impressive performance in all picture frames (LFC) - with FreeSync activation - ensuring functional and automatic support LFC experience Perfect gameplay, even if you reduce game graphics frames to less than 48fps (native 3440 x 1440 resolution) and native FreeSync 144Hz support for DisplayPort 1.4 devices - DisplayPort 1.4 cable is also required for Nixeus EDG 34 gaming screen and is only used to avoid compatible gaps and tears With G-Sync when playing games on a computer with AMD Radeon Graphics and Nvidia Graphics with drivers.

EDG - developed for gamers!

Nixeus EDG 34 "Ultra Wide 3440 x 1440 AMD Radeon FreeSync gaming screen designed for 144Hz designed for PC games Ultra Ultra 1500R Curve. It is an Ultra Wide 1500R Curve game collection with the original FreeSync DisplayPort 1.4 game series from 48 Hz to 144 Hz.

AMD Radeon FreeSync Certification

You should not choose between paused games or cropped photos. This should not be the case with the Nixeus EDG 34 "3440 x 1440 AMD FreeSync 144Hz. With AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, you can achieve smooth and powerless performance in almost every picture.
Use AMD Radeon GPUs with Radeon Vega, Radeon Navi and Nixeus EDG 34 graphics cards with AMD Radeon FreeSync on A-Series APU and Ryzen processors for an easy gaming experience.
The NX-EDG34S also features Low Frame Compensation (LFC), which is automatically activated via AMD FreeSync to ensure the best visual gaming performance.

Nixeus NX-EDG34S EDG
Nixeus NX-EDG34S EDG 34 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor

Original refresh rate from 3440 x 1440 144 Hz (with DisplayPort 1.4)

Ultra high refresh rate of 144 Hz: By displaying twice the number of video images on the 144 Hz screen as on the regular 60 Hz screen, smoother animations can be created. The game screen becomes smoother and more responsive, resulting in a more competitive gaming experience. Nixeus EDG 34 has a very high refresh rate of 144Hz, which is a responsive game screen that uses a lower regular screen or a non-game screen to distinguish you from your opponents.
Note: The original 144Hz refresh rate requires both the device and DisplayPort 1.4 device source cable

Aspect Ratio 21: 9 - native resolution 3440 x 1440

At the heart of the NX-EDG34, there is an advanced video game screen that turns you into a competitive and everyday content creator at night. With the native resolution of 3440 x 1440, NX-EDG34 gives you the pixel functions you need to edit videos, create HD content and games and provide realistic graphic details.

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