VIOTEK GNV34DB UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor

VIOTEK GNV34DB UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor

See more. Do more. Play more.

Our promise of perfect pixels is now more perfect! Viotek remains a leader in premium quality products with wide range of functions and good performance price ratio. We insist on our work. Therefore, we extend the buyer protection period to three years. This includes a zero-industry-leading policy.

Dream Multimedia Dream comes with True-GNV34DB UWQHD gaming screen

Improve the quality of your game with the 34-inch QHD GNV34DB HD Screen from VIOTEK, the leading brand for charging value-added monitors. Movie lovers. Passionate player. Creator content. Super user. GNV34DB contains content for everyone. Ultra-fast 100Hz refresh rate produces flicker-free and flicker-free video. Screen settings can be adjusted quickly and easily for specific games or applications. Choose from different display modes to create an experience that matches the type of game you're playing. With a 21: 9 aspect ratio, ideal for 3440 x 1440 pixels movies, you can play games and watch movies like never before. This is the screen update you've been waiting for.

Great performance

GNV34DB is a powerful engine with advanced features that can satisfy even most professional players. Activate AMD FreeSync and enjoy a smooth gaming experience while greatly reducing image distortion (prohibited, smashed, ghosting) in heavy games. Overdrive to reduce input delay and response time. Activate the GAMEPLUS direction utility, even for games with broken interrupts, to ensure image resolution. With improved FPS / RTS rendering, you can see more detail in darker games and get rid of snipers hiding in the shadows. Use extra speed to increase response time and greatly reduce input delay.

VIOTEK GNV34DB UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor

A dangerous curve for dangerous players

Use immersion, which is only possible with a deeper curve of 1500R. With a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the visual content, you can view more content, giving you a deeper understanding of the game or movie. This curve provides the most enjoyable viewing effect because your eyes can naturally track the entire screen motion (from edge to edge) without unnecessary vertical movement. The Narrow Ring of GNV34DB provides better continuity between settings for multiple screens when playing games, working or surfing the Internet. Thanks to the 178 ° wide viewing angle and VESA compatibility, every seat can be the best at home.

Ghost man will not be the future

AMD FreeSync displays prevent intermittent play and image interference. On the contrary, dense scenes calm and reduce image distortion (including rip and shadows) at the same time? Now compatible with Xbox One B / W and G-SYNC.

They are the central command center

From analog to digital, you have easy access to a variety of high-performance input options. Easy to use as a second screen. Connect a compatible game console and enjoy higher refresh rates and higher resolution.

VIOTEK GNV34DB UWQHD Curved Gaming Monitor

Party or battle - you choose

An expanded movie screen with extended game functions. When you get it all, some of these features are supported by the multimedia features to ensure all content (games or videos) are displayed correctly and accurately.

VIOTEK GNV34DB Technical index

  • WQHD resolution for POWERHOUSE Multimedia-3440 x 1440 provides twice the pixel density of HD screens. It doesn't matter if you are busy with recent concerts or fighting Big Boss, these pictures are very bright, very fragile and sharp.
  • Smooth and flawless GAMEPLAY - contains many profit jobs that you always have an overview: AMD FreeSync, 100Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time. Add GAMEPLUS cross sections to ensure accurate shooting and successful tips.
  • Immersive MUR Curved Surface 1500R: Provides more visual comfort by covering a wider field of view and more than 1,800 screens. It's an addition to the Ultra HD 21: 9 screen that allows you to watch more content easily.
  • Excellent performance, robust performance with practical style that can complement any work area. You can easily connect it to a VESA wall or monitor to connect multiple devices and connect them via DisplayPort or 3 HDMI ports.
  • Best in class support - we don't play bad pixels. No! New Viotek laptop screens protected by pixel zero tolerance strategy

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