Contixo V9-3
Contixo V9-3 Kids Android Tablet

The Contixo V9-3 kids tablet can be used as a regular tablet because it is equipped with the latest quad core processor, 16GB memory, 2GB RAM and Android 9.0 operating system. Browse websites like any smart device and use apps like YouTube Kids, Skype, ABC Mouse, and Facebook. You can use it anywhere and you can also use on / off discs. Suitable for primary school classes, outdoor travel, hiking, camping, games, reading, writing, listening to music, playing video clips, etc. This is black friday or a birthday present for your child. If you insert a microSD card, you can enjoy more games, movies, videos, books, and increase storage space. Internally, the V9-3 includes parental controls that let you set deadlines, expand content, and add specific websites. The tablet-quality LED display can easily be applied to your developing child's eyes and rotated 360 degrees so that they can be operated in various ways. , 7 inch touch screen (1024 x 600 resolution), front and back view camera (dual). From 3 to 12 years old is best for Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Christmas gifts for children.

Contixo V9-3 Kids Android Tablet

Make learning full of adventure and fun

Discreet and educational learning app with over 20 educational and entertaining tablet apps to explore math, reading, writing, coding, music, problem solving and creativity. Just outside the box! Click N 'Read Natural Phonics to blend your child's knowledge of classic app characters and favorite characters for an entertaining trip.

Contixo V9-3
Contixo V9-3 Kids Android Tablet

It can be carried with other CONTIXO baby bags

The V9-3 is equipped with Bluetooth technology and can be easily integrated with a Contixo Kid headset or a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. This tablet has a powerful shock absorber, a built-in backrest, and a broken broken screen. Internally, it has a higher level control. You can manage children's playing time.

Great for learning and enjoying on the go

Even if you don't have WiFi, you can download your favorite videos, apps and books to access it. Children's mode allows children to have their own playground. With Parent Mode, you don't have to worry about hostile content online as children have access to fun games, videos and websites you choose.

KID-SAFE BROWSER provides comprehensive internet protection

A safe browsing experience can provide children with inappropriate content while providing tens of thousands of websites and videos. Parents can easily add any website they want to give their children access to. Parental controls let parents know what their kids are doing and can't use when using a tablet.

Contixo V9-3
Contixo V9-3 Kids Android Tablet

Specially designed housing provides protection

The silicone sleeves for kids are soft, light and extremely durable. Parents should not worry about accidentally dropping or scratching the tablet with a solid protective shield.

Wireless bluetooth touch screen

CONTIXO Education Disc is an excellent gift for your child. The pre-installed tablet includes more educational content and controls that allow parents to set deadlines, agree to use child-friendly websites, and expand content as children age. The V9-3 kids educational tablet is equipped with the latest Quad Core processor:

Contixo V9-3 Technical index

  • Pre-installed educational games and kids board APPS-Contixo V9-3 come with over 20 learning apps, educational board and educators like math, reading, writing, coding, music, problem solving and creativity. Exclusive content that gives preschool children fun and enjoyable reading. Christmas gifts for children ages 3-8
  • KID-SAFE tablet, sturdy and dull. Our V9-3 Learning Tablet is friendly and powerful. Equipped with Android 9.0 system, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB RAM and the latest Quad Core 1.5 GHz processor. This device is fully equipped and robust. All normal tablet functions. You can store more songs, e-books, photos, music and videos directly on your children's disc. The ready-to-use tablet is completely child resistant thanks to the powerful bumper and 7-inch HD touch screen.
  • Parental controls and parental controls: Kids Place parental controls let you create custom profiles for your child's account, manually specify content for your child, control screen time, and ensure they are browsing safe websites. These safety settings can be adjusted as your child grows and has age-specific content
  • Big storage and long-term fun - The Contixo V9-3 kids tablet has 16GB internal memory and an additional 128GB of memory via a microSD card slot that can be used for many kids' cartoons, video clips, puzzle games, e-books, etc. The Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery can be charged with one battery charge for up to 10 hours, thus it is suitable for long trips and car trips
  • Durable and Strong Protective Cover: A specially developed protective cover protects your child's windows from dirt, shock, and fall. Meanwhile, all functions can be accessed via precision switches. Cinema 3-layer LCD screen protector prevents accidental damage.

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