AllCall 3G Smartwatch W2
AllCall 3G Smartwatch W2

Do not miss any beat
AllCall 3G Smartwatch W2 uses an accurate heart rate sensor that allows you to monitor changes in heart rate throughout the day, detect anomalies, and monitor overall health.

Answer your call on the wrist
With Allcall Smart Watch, you can easily make and receive calls. Connect your connected watch to your SIM card, tap a contact, make a call or answer an incoming call - you don't have to pull your phone out of your pocket (SIM card required).

2.0 megapixel camera for photography
The allcall smartphone is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel HD camera, which makes it easy for you to keep all your good memories during your trip, even when swimming in special sports like climbing, climbing or playing sports.

Music on the wrist
Pull the plug and play. With Google Play Music on Allcall W2, you can listen to music without your phone. Suitable for those who need it (SIM card required).

For the time being, Allcall W2 loves a more comfortable sport
The look of a professional and sporty watch provides more scientific advice for your daily movement. On 9 built-in waterproof models, you can set target exercise time, calorie consumption, etc. According to your needs. After starting the workout, W2 indicates the state of the workout in real time: After the workout, you can save the workout data to easily understand the approximate location of the workout.
AllCall 3G Smartwatch W2
AllCall 3G Smartwatch W2

Contact directly
Stay active all day and discover emails, text messages and other notifications in your favorite mobile app. The 1.3-inch HD AMOLED screen makes it easy to read and update your messages continuously (requires SIM card).

AllCall 3G Smartwatch W2 Specs
  • Enjoy music directly from your wrist. Listen to music on your phone or watch. Sync the music on your watch and let the Bluetooth headsets work without your phone. (Android only). Use many different applications like Google Play Music, Spotify and Pandora (Android only). With its modern and elegant design and its 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, smartphones are the perfect accessory for every occasion.
  • Update: Get a clear and actionable overview of your health by monitoring your heart rate and health using a number of advanced sensors and 9 motion tracking modes (such as running, biking, walking, basketball,). Football, badminton, etc.). Download other apps from Google Play, such as B. Strava, Runkeeper, and Sleep for Android.
  • Smartwatch phones may be able to make and receive calls (SIM card required). You can also download all your favorite mobile apps like SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Enjoy more less charge: charging, running, biking, walking, or whatever you want for up to two days.
  • The independent Android Smart Watch is a smart watch. For fashionistas, they have simple elegance. This smart watch phone combines elegance with technology.

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