Campark DC10 Dash Cam
Campark DC10 Dash Cam

Campark Mini 4K Dash Cam
Featuring a compact design, the Campark 4k Mini 4k camera only measures 3 inches in size, is easy to install and use and will be the most loyal manager of your vehicle.

Note: It is recommended to use a Class 10 mini SD card with a maximum size of 32GB. Micro SD card not included. Format the micro SD card before using it for the first time.

We recommend that motion detection is not activated while driving. Don't worry if the screen is off while driving. The drive recorder continues to record normally.

Serial camera battery level is only suitable for backing up backup files. Please contact an external power source under normal operating conditions

170 degree wide angle lens
170 ° + 3 ”wide-angle LCD screen, Campash Dashboard Camera doesn't lose any detail. Get rid of any unnecessary problems for you.

Dynamic WDR zone
The dashboard camera has a special WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) system that automatically adjusts the balance in the event of insufficient light or insufficient exposure. Compatible with 4K HD technology to make your journey smooth and safe.

Ultra HD 4K + super night vision
Thanks to the Super Aperture Super Night Vision + F1.8 function, 4K / 25fps Full HD video quality delivers excellent picture quality, which provides excellent video quality and visual fun day and night.
Campark DC10 Dash Cam Camera
Campark DC10 Dash Cam

Dash Cam with built-in G-sensor
After performing autocollision, the built-in G sensor is activated and the drive recorder automatically secures the video files that caused the collision and accident, and is not replaced by other videos in the episode recording, only to provide you with valid evidence.

Driving recorder with loop recording
Automatically replaces the oldest unlocked video and always saves your last drive. You will not miss every moment of the past and the future.

Dash Cam with parking control
After activating this function, the 24-hour parking recorder is called. When a vehicle experiences slight vibrations and collisions, the video lines are recognized and recorded automatically, reducing risk and loss.

Campark DC10 Dash Cam Specs
  • 4K Ultra HD Car camera This CD recorder has 4K UHD video and looks smooth. Provides clearer pictures and videos even at high speeds.
  • 170 degree wide angle and night vision] This camera is used on the dashboard with a 170 degree wide angle lens. Significantly broadening the field of view and capturing more details. The large aperture HDR W1 and F1.8 can capture more light even in low-light conditions, and no other light source is needed, so clear or accurate color images can be easily obtained at night or cloudy.
  • Automatic recording and stopping screens are interrupted, the camera starts automatically when the engine starts saving and saving files, and turns off when the engine is turned off. When vibration is detected, the on-board camera starts and automatically records a 30-second video.
  • Integrated G-Sensor and Repeated Recording G-sensor: This control panel can detect sudden vibrations / collisions and lens shutdown to prevent overwrite video even while recording the episode to distinguish responsibility for that accident. Loop recording: If the memory card is full, the previous recording, with the exception of locked files, is automatically replaced by the new file.
  • Easy to install and use] Easy installation and operation. Simply use a suction cup or a 3M double-sided cushion to install the driving recorder on the windshield in seconds, even if this is not the first time you feel anxious.

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