Doxie DX255 Portable Scanner
Doxie DX255 Portable Scanner

Scan anywhere - no computer required
Doxie is a portable scanner that scans paper, photos and receipts anywhere without a computer. Simply download it to read it anywhere - enter documents to scan, archive and share.

Small, mobile and simple
Doxie is designed for ultimate simplicity and works simply - no special driver required - you can run and paste your own graphics to make digital copies in seconds. Tiny Doxie - Magazine Size - When you're done, put it in a pocket or drawer. Doxie is always ready to disturb you.

Clear and clear scanning
Doxie can provide clear and crisp copies of color documents up to 600 dpi. Auto Cropping uses smart cropping to avoid deflection and auto contrast, making every scan great.

Dropbox, OneNote, Evernote, and iCloud Drive are ready

Doxie makes it easy to organize and share all your cards on your Mac or PC. Scan using the built-in Doxie software, where you can organize and create searchable multi-page PDF files, save or send to JPEG / PDF / PNG format in your favorite local application (like Photoshop or your favorite email program) Cloud applications like Dropbox can be used OneNote, Evernote, and iCloud Drive.

OCR + searchable PDF
Doxie includes award-winning ABBYY OCR technology that recognizes text in documents and creates searchable PDFs.
Doxie DX255 Portable Scanner
Doxie DX255 Portable Scanner

Rechargeable battery
With the Doxie rechargeable battery, you can scan anywhere without a computer and scan 400 times per charge.

Built-in expandable memory
Doxie stores the results of the analysis like a digital camera on a built-in SD card. Doxie contains a memory buffer of up to 4000 analyzes before synchronization is required.

It works on all of your devices
Scan to your desktop via WiFi to organize, save and create searchable and multi-page PDFs. Or use the Doxie iOS app to sync scans with an iPhone or iPad and save and share scans from anywhere. Keep them where you want them.

Scan the sync on an iPad or iPhone
With just one click, Doxie for iOS can be directly integrated into all your favorite iOS apps like iCloud Drive, Evernote, OneNote and Dropbox to send a multi-page PDF file to a specific folder or laptop in the cloud.

Doxie DX255 Portable Scanner Specs
  • Go Paperless Ivers Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi provides smarter mobile scans that you can perform and sync from anywhere without a computer.
  • Simple wireless scan battery Doxie battery, built-in memory, built-in WiFi, Mac app, PC, iPhone, iPad, it's easy (fun)! No paper. Simply load paper and scan a 600 dpi color page in 8 seconds. Scan up to 400 pages per download and save up to 4,000 pages before you need to sync.
  • The battery-powered small image is the Doxie compact image - the size of the magazine packaging. After wiping, it can be simply put in a pocket or drawer. Whether you're scanning on your desk or on the go, Doxie gives you instant access to scans no matter where you are.
  • Cool software and OCR included in Mac and PC applications] Doxie allows you to sync USB or Wi-Fi scans to your desktop to organize and create searchable and multi-page PDFs using award-winning ABBYY OCR technology. Save the analysis results to your desktop, local app, or your favorite cloud service like Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and iCloud Drive. You can also use the Doxie iOS app to sync scans on iPhone or iPad and save and share scans wherever you are.

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