eRapta PBC-A56J/CS Backup Camera for Car
eRapta PBC-A56J/CS Backup Camera for Car 

I bought this replacement camera and installed it on the old Honda Accord from 2002. After I used to install a replacement camera in the car, I decided to return the camera to add it to the father of the old car because it was safer like looking over your shoulder and simplifying parallel positions.
The kit contains everything you need: camera, screen and cables.
It contains educational videos during installation, which you can access via the QR code.
You may need to purchase a little more to install it, but this is not a requirement, depending on your level of expertise and the equipment available.
I watched two YouTube videos about installing a replacement camera and decided to purchase circuit test devices to make sure the cables are plugged in to the right backlight. Car. I also bought a T Click electrode so I don't have to glue or weld the wires together.

eRapta PBC-A56J/CS Backup Camera for Car 

eRapta PBC-A56J/CS Backup Camera Technical index

  • Wired rear view camera with screen settings for cars, vans, SUVs, minivans, tractors, trailers, and cars.
  • ClearCrystal Clear Image Good night vision effect: crystal clear video, 6 glass lenses, 100% true color reproduction, 100% updated chip. The lively picture helps us to drive in the mood of soft lighting 8 or back. Great LED lights for beautiful color photos in the dark. The rear view camera is excellent for safe thinking and driving.
  • Ease of installation: Simply connect the camera to the mirror, operate the screen with a car charger, and connect the camera and the screen with a 3-inch cable. Package and ease of installation save us time.
  • 69 IP69 Waterproof Rear View Camera: Ultra Waterproof Replacement Camera With Screen Mix. The camera is made of ultra pure resin and water repellent according to the international IP 69 standards. Whether it's raining / falling snow / hot, you can use it boldly.
  • Ideal Automatic Rear View Camera: You can move the camera body up and down to find the required angle. Perfect viewing angle at 149 °; back license plate support for camera design.

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