Microuter-N300 Travel Router
Microuter-N300 Travel Router

The microuter-N300 travel router is powered by SoC MTK 7628NN with 580MHz, 300Mbps encryption and OpenVPN. Smaller size.

Wi-Fi network adapter:

Wi-Fi is very popular, but it may not be available everywhere. If you are still using a wired network in a hotel or café, this small router can turn it into a wireless network to share the WiFi network with all your devices.

Even in places like Wi-Fi cafes or restaurants, it may not be recommended to expose the device directly to the public network. The router switches a public WiFi network to a WiFi network using a firewall and then acts as a substitute for honest information. When switching to the new Wi-Fi network, the agent connects all your devices. You do not have to enter a password for each device.

Microuter-N300 Technical index

  • [WiFiSpeed] The maximum WiFi speed is 300MB / s
  • [Open and programmable source] OpenWrt / LEDE is preinstalled and supported by software repository.
  • [Size] The travel router is very small, only 47mm * 47mm * 18mm / 26.3g
  • [Multiple Modes] AP / Router / Expander Three modes to choose from
  • [Delivery Range] The N300 router comes with a one-year warranty, USB cable, and user manual. Before use, update to the latest firmware via the following link: https://dl.gl-inet.com/firmware/vixmini/release/

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