Pruveeo D40 Dual Channel Dash Cam for Cars
Pruveeo D40 Dual Channel Dash Cam for Cars

The new owner must first set up instructions before trying to configure the device. Before reading the instructions, I lost the functionality of the device. Even after reading the guide, it will take some time for you to fully understand it. The most common product I find is putting the device in the configuration options. You have to double-click the menu and keep it for a few seconds for the device to display the settings. Read instructions and try again. This product has a built-in camera, front camera and external back camera. I now have the internal and internal camera function settings instead of the third. The video and the job are very simple. I downloaded a small clip of the morning timer to show that it works in low light. The only problem is that the video format is .TS and if you want to share it then you have to encode it in mp4. Captured images are always saved in JPG format, which is perfect. Please note that the Apple and Android phone apps are different. So, read the instructions again. The camera app does nothing and only allows you to view and download photos / videos taken from your device. Users should always configure the settings directly on the device. Another great feature of this product is that it uses intense charging instead of charging the battery. For this reason, we want the screen space to be a little warm while the device is running. I mean, if you drive a taxi or a traffic-sharing service, the compact camera is very useful because the audio and video from the internal camera is very clear. Overall, I am satisfied with the product. Before I look at all the product features, I need to install a third camera. If there are other ways to use the product in the future, it will be updated.

Pruveeo D40 Dual Channel Dash Cam for Cars

Pruveeo D40 Dash Cam Technical index

  • Front channel three camera: 1080p at 30 fps. The internal and rear cameras are combined into one video file with a video resolution of 2304 x 648 at 30 frames per second. In two-channel recording mode, front and compact cameras record 1080p videos at 30fps.
  • The compact ultra-night vision camera uses 4 infrared lights and F1.8 aperture. The camera can record ultra clear videos. Night shots are much better than other video cameras.
  • The IP69K waterproof rear view camera with night vision function includes a waterproof rear view camera for external installation. The automatic parking image display helps you park safely. The rear view camera is equipped with the latest highly sensitive night vision image sensor to provide you great pictures even in dark areas at night.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi devices and G-sensors. By connecting the WiFi drive recorder function, you can view, save and share real-time video recording or play wireless video with this app for entertainment or security. G-Sensor secures important photos and prevents them from being covered.
  • Supports 128GB When the memory card reaches its maximum capacity, the oldest unlocked clips are replaced to ensure endless loop recording. Class 10 or higher supports micro SD cards up to 128 GB.

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