TOGUARD CE70 2K Mirror Backup Camera

TOGUARD CE70 2K Mirror Backup Camera 

It is a nice! I recently finished late at night and I am pleased with the incident video. I felt he was blocking all "chats" because I quickly informed another driver that the accident was being recorded and that he was pointing to the rear view camera. Tips ... After pulling the power plug, let the car engine run until the camera continues to record (in the event that the police do not arrive, the power source must be turned off). My wife closed the car and lost another seemingly weak driver.
I suggest every car has a tachograph, it's the best! I can't imagine it would be better! I am a big fan of this category and a rear view mirror, which means it is not very boring. Our 3 cars are equipped with DashCam mirrors. I installed this new model with sound activated in my new car. It is a nice! Voice control is ideal for speaking commands. With voice control, you can take the steering wheel in your hand and activate the required functions directly without having to go through the menus. Take a photo, view the rear view camera, operate the screen and ten other simple controls. The field of view of both cameras is very good. The screen is bright and can be adjusted by simply swiping the screen. You can also drag the screen to change the front / back view, adjust the viewfinder area, and switch to playback mode. HD cannot be pressed to fit the screen, but you can tap to get a good view no matter what the camera records on the screen. When I first installed it, I was worried that the angle would be too high, but when I found out how to touch the image to swipe the screen up and down, I knew it wasn't. The high-resolution images are very clear and detailed. The visual effects in low light conditions are excellent and I appreciate excellent video quality in almost all cases. I'm not sure about the screen resolution, but it looks pretty clear to me. The large mirror reflects a wider field of view than the original mirror, but I often use the broadcast function instead of the back screen when driving. The rear view camera, which is installed at the top of the rear window, provides greater road view behind the rear view mirror. Another important feature is that if the device detects a possible error, the files will be locked in a separate "Emergency" folder. The dashboard camera is securely attached to the factory rear-view mirror via a flexible connector and can be easily attached to the compact area. Fastening is easy by operating the wires along the edge of the title and using the tools in the open tool and the rubber seal. Be sure to cut a portion of the black foam used in the package as "filling" to prevent strings from slipping off your head. I also always use the double-sided tape to connect the rear view camera to the top of the rear window instead of drilling holes in the sheet metal to attach it outside. I recently demonstrated my field of vision in an accident (and the camera was not damaged). I have a factory rear view camera and sometimes it snows or freezes. Interior fixing is a great solution for our cars. I use a lot of broadcast media features to use as a rearview mirror. Use factory mirrors to better understand the street. Users can choose between H264 and H265 codecs while ensuring excellent compression and video transmission. I'm creating a video to show off its great features, but if you are looking for a great CD recorder, don't wait, please buy it! It is superior to other recording devices in our family and the price is reasonable compared to this versatile and flexible camera.

Review TOGUARD CE70 2K Mirror Backup Camera
TOGUARD CE70 2K Mirror Backup Camera 

TOGUARD CE70 2K Mirror Backup Camera Technical index

  • 2K 1080P HD Camera with 12 inch TOGUARD HD night vision touch screen, 2K HD front camera (2560 * 1440 pixels) and 1080P back camera (1920 * 1080 pixels) for day and night video quality Read license plates to protect and prove insurance claims Like in a car accident.
  • Voice commands from the intelligent mirror system for external mirror recorders are better than other driver recorders. You can speak, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen and work correctly, for example, on screen / off screen, video lock, sequential startup, recording / pause for recording, camera change, etc. You don't even have to connect the red cable from the rear view camera to the dim light and then say "back" to immediately reverse the drive recorder.
  • The 170 ° camera threshold view with adjustable viewing angle and safe angle position is ideal for capturing activity from both sides and eliminating visible blind spots. You can move left screen up and down to adjust angle while driving and reversing. If you connect the red cable to a reverse camera with the back light, the reverse camera will automatically turn on when reversing and wait for the line to wait.
  • When the SD card is full, the G / Lo Loop Log sensor and MonitorLoop park log are automatically written to the next unlocked lens. Using the built-in G sensor, the rear view camera deactivates the emergency video in the event of an accident to prevent its coverage. When the parking screen is on, the directional camera turns on automatically and takes a snapshot when a malfunction is detected.
  • Ease of installation and support for micro SD cards up to 128 GB. You do not have to remove the original mirror, just connect the mirror camera with an elastic tape. The camera supports a high-speed SD card of up to 128g (not included). Format the SD card in FAT32 before use. Professional customer service will solve all the problems within 24 hours. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!

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