Thermal Testing Acer Triton 900 gaming Laptop
Thermal Testing Acer Triton 900 gaming Laptop

The Acer Triton 900 laptop is delivered in a slim case with powerful hardware. But how hot is and how hot is it? In this test, we will study the problem of heat dissipation in detail to determine whether there is a throttle caused by heat dissipation or energy reduction, and to find ways to improve game performance and temperature.

I will check if the battery voltage is too low, overclock, and I will show you the heat that the laptop generates during the game, as well as the CPU seals test, GPU test and the cooling pad test according to different criteria. Monitor system fans and view information about laptop access points. Thermal imaging camera.

Acer Triton 900 contains powerful hardware in a small package. What is the temperature and how does it affect performance? In this detailed thermal test, you will see the operating temperature and know that simple changes can be made to improve the temperature and performance. My configuration for the Triton 900 includes Intel i7-9750H processor, NVIDIA RTX 2080 180W graphics, 32GB dual channel memory, 17.3-inch 4K 60Hz display with G-Sync card in the description underneath the device, the air intake slot is blowing from Below the machine is through the slot on the upper left keyboard, and the air is exhausted through the left and right rear corners and the left and right rear slots. Some heating tubes are shared between the processor and the graphics card. And two fans. Both are made of metal feathers. With Acer Predator Sense, we can switch between normal, fast and extreme mode. Overclocking and setting the power limit as follows: With the program, you can also control the fan and accelerate the fan automatically. Test the fan or test it to the limit. By default, Triton 900 reduces the fan CPU voltage by -0.1V, so all the tests were done with this standard configuration, and because it's really good, you don't have to. Thermal testing is carried out at an ambient temperature of 21 ° C, so we expect different results in different environments. GPU works well during periods of inactivity. The rest of the results come from the CPU and GPU workloads and are designed to represent the worst scenario when operating for a longer period. While we were playing "Watch Dogs 2", we tested the game results using graphics. In the first half, I find it combines processor and graphics really well.

At the bottom of the figure, the Aida64 processor resistance test is displayed only with the "processor limitation" option, and the GPU Paradise Standard is loaded at the maximum setting at the same time to load the entire system. The CPU suffocates whenever the temperature reaches 90 ° C. This appears to be the limit set by Acer. To be fair, it is usually a good choice to allow the processor to rotate 100 degrees or other heights. Remove the accelerator from the processor in the cooling pad only once under pressure. In this particular game, we've seen more improvements in processor and GPU temperatures. Simply adjust the fan to the maximum speed and use the cooling pad again. This is the average hourly speed of the same tests as those that were just presented. In normal mode, the processor has the lowest performance due to its low power consumption, while the GPU clock speed is reduced because it has not been overclocked. Fast mode creates additional costs, while many modes move to RTX 2080 and increase performance limit. Switching from normal to fast mode also increases fan speed. For this reason, the processor clock speed changes after the rapid mode is activated, as this helps to manage the processor thermal accelerator. The fan runs faster in the extreme mode, which is why the clock speed and processor speed increased more during resistance test. At this point, the temperature is barely exceeded as it is not far from the basic speed increase of the 4 GHz turbine at i7-9750H, and the cooling pad can make it quite effective. At the same time, the extreme state with automatic fans can reach us. These are the average power levels reported by device information during the test itself. In fast and normal mode, the RTX 2080 graphics card has a maximum power consumption of 150 watts. In extreme mode, the limit has risen to 180 watts, but in the Endurance test, the average has been just under the limit, and this particular game doesn't seem to consume more GPU power. Due to the thermal throttle, the processor performance is limited to the normal position at the bottom, but increases as the fan speed increases.

Although the slim laptop and RTX 2080 are extremely energy hungry, it's good to see that the 9750H can achieve more than 55 watts under the CPU and GPU workloads. With pure CPU like Cinebench, the 9750H achieves 77W output before it reaches 70W PL1. This greatly increases performance when graphics are inactive. There is not much difference between the Quick mode and the Limit mode, except that with the 9750H you can see almost 3000 good points. To find out how these various parameters actually affect game performance, I tested the controls with the highest presets. There is not much difference between normal and fast, perhaps because they always limit the maximum graphics power to 150 watts, so the extreme mode increases more. If you want to see more game references for Triton 900, check out the map in the upper right corner to test different games in 1080p, 1440p and 4K. This is the true meaning of external temperature. When idle, the keyboard and touchpad are less than 30 degrees, as is the case with most laptops. When performing the stress test in standard mode, the keyboard and touchpad are always the same and cool. In fast mode, although the fan is now running faster, the effect is always the same in extreme mode. Although the back is hot, it is still hot. Since the fan is running at full speed, the conditions hardly exceed 40 degrees, which is impressive due to the mentioned performance. This is the sound of your fans in different modes. Audience can only be heard in standby mode. When performing a stress test in standard mode compared to most other gaming laptops, fan performance is lower than average, but it's much better due to the higher specs. Quick mode is just above average and hard mode is too high, so you might need headphones. Overall, the results of the 900 Triton are impressive. Of course, in the worst case, the console is controlled in the console in many cases, but I personally prefer to limit the CPU to 90

Higher vibration amplitude is only used to slightly improve performance. The best option is also a good choice, and I think most people will do it themselves, which means that regular users will see better performance. The built-in heat sink also provides better heat dissipation and keeps the area you touch cooler than most other notebooks. When you think that our RTX 2080 graphics card can save up to 180 watts in a 2.3cm device, I don't think it's bad and we've seen that it can be improved simply by increasing the fan speed. In fact, the performance is good before the fans shout, so you can definitely play high-performance games while keeping the volume large and reasonable. Although the RTX 2080 and Triton 900 graphics card only contained a 330-watt power supply, battery performance dropped 91% after an hour of testing, although this appears to be evident for many laptops. These performance differences are not strict and fast rules, and there are a variety of factors that can lead to different results, especially the room temperature you use, the use of thermal grease and even equipment used to achieve silicon lotto. Depending on the chip and specific power requirements, different restrictions apply to overclocking and overclocking for different devices. You should therefore test whether Acer standard settings are stable. I found that some games broke down, for example in extreme mode, and I had to use MSI Afterburner to reduce overclocking. I still need extreme positions because the only way to increase energy reduction is in 2080. The temperature can be increased by exchanging the hot dough, but it is an inspection unit that I have to send again. "I am unable to change the dough because the next examiner offers various unknown results depending on the job, increases fan speed and uses cooling pads to change the dough more easily than most people." As we can see here, these settings improve the performance and temperature of the Triton 900. Learn what I'm thinking about the performance and performance of the Acer cer Triton 900 laptop.

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