Apple launches in application allows registration on health studies
Apple launches in application allows registration on health studies

Apple on Thursday launched a new application that allows users of its devices to participate in three health studies, allowing them to share health-related data for medical research.

The US technology giant said the three studies were conducted in partnership with research institutes, including Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health.  Chan School of Public Health, and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Users who download the Apple Research application can register for several studies, including women's health, motion and heart, and hearing, three of Apple's studies.

After recording, participants using the Apple Watch and iPhone can contribute useful data on movement, heart rate, and noise levels taken during daily activities, while walking or attending a concert.  Apple stressed that users can control the type of data they want to share with each study.

The move comes at a time when major technology companies are striving to increase their presence in the collection of health-related data for their users.  This prompted Google to acquire Fitbit earlier this month for $ 2.1 billion, in an effort to enter the wearable devices sector, which means a lot of health data, especially as many users are taking advantage of the devices.  (Fitbit) to monitor their health.

Two days ago, Google announced a partnership with Ascension, the second-largest health system in the United States, in a deal that gives it access to personal health data sets that can be used to develop AI-based tools for medical providers.

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