Games Tested Benchmarks for MSI GL75 Gaming Laptop on RTX 2060
Games Tested Benchmarks for MSI GL75 Gaming Laptop on RTX 2060

GL75 is an MSI gaming laptop with powerful specs, but how good are games?  I tested 20 different games on all levels and compared them to other laptops to see if it was worth it.  I have a GLSE 9SEK version, i.e. Intel i7-9750H processor, Nvidia RTX 2060 90W graphics card, 16GB dual memory, 17.3 inch screen with 1080p and 144Hz.  Other specifications can be found in the description link.  Various options and price updates.  This video only covers game performance.  So if you are new to this channel, you should definitely join the next test.  Let's examine all games at all levels of settings, then find out how GL75 works compared to other laptops.

Red Redemption 2 tested with Vulkan in-game measurement tool.  X 12, but with this laptop, for some reason, it doesn't work properly even in high settings.  On average you can reach over 60fps in this powerful game.  "Battlefield 5" tested the TY campaign mode, with RTX RTX green bars with purple bars.  Average performance under RTX is good, but it looks good and works even with RTX disabled.  Therefore, this does not seem to be worth a turn.  With and without RTX, I also tested the console.  I have used the highest RTX setting and can run low settings, but the experience is not good.  When RTX is turned off, performance is much better and can reach an average of 60fps in high settings.  Apex Legends have been tested with maximum parameters or all parameters have been set to the lowest possible value, as this was not previously determined.  With minimal settings, the maximum FPS of 144 images and maximum is achieved.  The difference between the settings is not small, so you can play easily.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare tested in campaign mode and above or below settings.  Even at extreme settings it still works well and only low settings can improve performance by 20fps.  Borderlands 3 was tested using in-game performance tests with above-average standards.  , Reaching 60 fps and reaching 100 or more rates in medium and low settings.  Shadow of the Tomb Raider uses the built-in test standard.  This is one of the best results I've seen on this test compared to other laptops from 2060, but we'll soon see GL75 compare to other d laptops in this game.  Test tool.  Even if the highest level of final preparation is determined in advance, it can be reached 60 times per second.  Although the performance of its half is low by 1%, it can be improved if the parameter is high.  It's 60. Far Cry New Dawn has been tested in gaming tests and the results are very similar to most other i7-based laptops I tested recently.  Fortnite tested with restart feature.  Since epic game settings with little demand easily easily exceed an average of 100 frames per second and can be restarted without any problems, only the average frame rate can be increased, and the speed is lower than the screen refresh rate.

Preparing general supervision.  Even with epic presets, the average frame rate is still high, and even as low as 1% it can exceed 100fps, so no problems.  CS: GO has been tested against the Ulletics FPS standard, and as a game that is mostly processor-based, the results have been somewhat advanced on most other i7-based laptops I've tested.  Dota 2 has been tested on the middle track, and like other heavy-duty game processors, the results are very similar compared to many other laptops tested on the i7 with about 200 fps on a PC.  Low position.  Ultra unforgettable and still plays very well.  Rainbow Six: The siege was tested using an integrated standard, and even with the highest preset settings close to the screen refresh rate, the test can still be performed at very high frame rates.  Metro Exodus has been tested with built-in benchmarks because most parts of the game work better than the last.  So these results are not solid evidence of expected results during the game, and they are the worst case.

 Section 2 was also tested using the integrated standard.  Although the average can exceed 60fps in high settings, it may require less than half the value setting by 1% to achieve a more stable experience.  PUBG tested with restart function.  Advanced settings can exceed 100fps, 1% less performance is not far from the limit, and since low settings are not greatly improved, you can get a good mix of performance well as well.  Assassin's Creed Odyssey has passed built-in performance tests, and as a heavier CPU test, the results are not much different from the results of many other tested laptops.  Since the game does not require a high frame rate and we can move around at very high settings at 60 fps, these results are good.  The Witcher 3 worked very well with the high settings.  Of course, the super parameters are ready to use.  Approximately 60fps runs at 1% poor performance, but the setup level has dropped by about oneframe, but still looks good.  F1 2019 tested using in-game measurement tool.  Although the maximum setting has good average performance, the 1% low power has decreased dramatically, but one level has dropped to a high level of performance.  Let's also look at how the MSI GL75 configuration is compared to other laptops, as these results only indicate that it has been tested at different times with different drivers.  In Battlefield V, the GL75 turns a red gradient near a similar specific device.  In this case, it basically meets the requirements of MSI GE65 with the same specifications, both of which are slightly more advanced than other RTX 2060

laptops I have recently tested, so they are equipped with an 8th generation processor and in Dan's Scar I have no 80W max power.  These are the results of Far Cry 5's excellent setup in integrated standards.  Again, the performance of the GL75 is quite similar to the performance of the GE65, but this time it has a small advantage and is still a little better than the other laptops that got 2060 that received my data.  These are the results of "Robber's Tomb Shadow" with the built-in slider at the top of the parameter.  As a result, it was fully compatible with the GE65 with the same specifications.  Therefore, it achieved satisfactory results again in other devices in 2060 and reached 1070 in GE75, and overall, gaming performance of MSI GL75 laptop is well suited to these specifications.  Compared to most other RTX 2060 laptops that I have tested, the device does not have drive changes, such as: b.  Not enough tension, and I will find it in the next full video.  If you play almost all of these games at 1080p resolution, there are some issues almost, even with the maximum settings, the technical specifications are pretty much in line with those in the 144Hz screen, which provides an excellent gaming experience
and let me be in the comments know your opinion on the performance  Games for the laptop MSI GL75 9SEK.

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