2020 Nexar Beam Dash Cam
2020 Nexar Beam Dash Cam

After looking at some disk recorders, I mainly chose this camera because snapshots could be stored in their cloud system. It is easy to use and fast to install. No need to eject and load the SD card to see anything. After the trip, everything is visible and can be shared instantly from my cell phone. I love this post. It's good for old clips to be deleted automatically, so you don't need to worry about wasting your recording time. The quality is excellent, many people tell me it looks very clean and clean. I have no complaints, the app is perfect for couples with camera and easy to use. Good job, Nikzar.

2020 Nexar Beam Dash Cam

2020 Nexar Beam Dash Cam Technical index

  • The ideal DER CAM for regular pilots in Nexar Beam is the smallest Nexar on-board camera, cleverly hidden behind the rear-view mirror. Video recorded in 135 degrees Full HD 1080p, day and night quality. The tachograph is equipped with an advanced G-sensor and has a free 32GB SD card for session recording.
  • Nexar APP Camera The Nexar Beam Quick Start Guide is only valid if it is linked to the Nexar app. Dash Camera conveys live images to your phone every time you drive. If necessary, tap once on the video guide. Nexar runs in the background so you can use other applications (such as navigation) while driving. Nexar is compatible with iPhone 7 and later, Galaxy S / Note 8 and later and Google Pixels.
  • Smart Detection and Free Camera Detection Rear-view cameras can detect road emergencies (such as collisions or hard braking) and record them as short clips in the Nexar app. These clips are also automatically saved in the unlimited Nexar Cloud account, which is provided free of charge with every Nexar car camera.
  • After publishing the expanded report with one click, Nexar can generate detailed conflict reports. This saves you time, money and unnecessary stress when processing insurance claims. The Nexar report summarizes important information about the accident, including the purpose of the tachograph, driving speed, intensity, and location. It has proven to be countless times useful and has been widely accepted by insurance companies.
  • I forgot: it takes 5 minutes to install this tablet camera. All necessary tools are included and do not require any specialist knowledge.

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