BOSCAM Mirror Dash Cam Camera for Cars
BOSCAM Mirror Dash Cam Camera for Cars

In any case, you should consider using one of the following disc recorders instead of drawing the windshield in the camera. This price may sound a little expensive, but for someone who wants something big, you've come to the right place.

I can talk about the first package. The packaging is very elegant. If you lower the cap and raise the magnetic box, you will receive a mirror, which is (of course included in the delivery range) installed on the current mirror. The rear view camera backup function is a complex, non-intrusive and accurate installation process, depending on the accuracy of the installation required.

Then I really like the integrated mirror. They have adaptive touch controls, the touchscreen doesn't make you cheap, the rearview mirror and the LCD screen are bright enough. So if you focus on the player recorder window, you can use the rearview mirror. You don't have to close everything on the screen to get the background view, which I think is a huge benefit.

In addition, the kit is equipped with a rear view camera to secure and monitor your behind and GPS device for recording movements in the driving recorder for viewing. The camera also has an auto capture feature that records videos in the event of an impact, making it easier to navigate the videos in the event of an accident.

It is definitely the first purchase for those who do not have a car equipped with all the advanced technologies. This helps you not only in the event of an accident, but also in your condition and insurance if others try to hold you accountable for the accidents!

BOSCAM Mirror Dash Cam Camera for Cars

BOSCAM Mirror Dash Cam Technical index

  • Rear view camera FHD 1080P: The rear view camera contains 6 groups of blue glass lenses for more clear and detailed video. This ensures that the clips are clear enough to be converted into license plates, car models, and faces. With streaming media, there is no video transmission delay.
  • Starry Night Vision: With Sony's IMX 307 sensor, front and back view cameras can capture and record what's happening even in the darker surrounding areas. The HDR system provides clear, balanced images.
  • Glow suppression: 6 groups of blue glass lenses can better reduce flare glow. You can enjoy clearer night vision without having to shine like a high beam at night.
  • There is no parking mode that drains the battery: If the G-Sensor detects vibrations, the dual camera automatically turns on and records for 30 seconds and then turns off. Do not worry about the car battery that is going.
  • Custom Reflection Angle: You can find the best reflection angle by moving the screen up or down. Your settings are automatically saved. Every time you mirror your car, the full touch screen displays the angle you specify. This can better meet the requirements of different models.

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