Edssz Dash Cam
Edssz Dash Cam

1080P rear view camera + 1080P front camera, full bright screen that allows you to read license plate clearly behind or in front of you during the day and night. Both cameras simultaneously record the front and back direction to ensure safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.

Full touch operation
The full screen is 10 inches wide and there is no blind spot in the image. You can adjust the best viewing angle of the screen by swiping up / down and left / right to switch between front and back camera. Touch screen and full screen display prevent blind spot vision and improve driving safety.

Loop recording function
When the SD card is full, the first video loop recording function is automatically replaced to ensure the SD card never gets full and you can always take the latest pictures. In the event of a sudden collision while driving, the G-G sensor automatically records and secures the video.

G sensor for emergency room
With the frequent recording function, the driving recorder continuously records the video and replaces the oldest video. Once the G sensor detects a collision, the driving recorder starts recording a 20-second video. The video is then locked so that it is not replaced in the loop recording function.

Wide field of view
The front camera can cover the 160 ° field of view, and the waterproof back camera can cover the 140 ° field of view. After starting the car, both cameras are recorded simultaneously, thus providing complete and quick protection for your vehicle.
Edssz Dash Cam
Edssz Dash Cam

Amazing night vision
The front camera uses an advanced sensor with high sensitivity and low noise, which can record clear and clear video in the dark, so the number of license plates, traffic lights, etc. can be clearly displayed.

Reverse help system
If you switch to the “r” position, the rear view will automatically be displayed on the screen with instructions for comfortable and safe parking. (The red cable from the reverse camera must be connected to the positive pole of the reverse light.)

Edssz Mirror Dash Cam Specs
  • 1080P 10 inch dual camera 1080P 10 inch in driving recorder mode with wide field of view, IPS HD anti-glare screen with transparent color. Two cameras provide HD video resolution. We give you clearer pictures to capture license plates remotely. The adjustable front lens 170 ° and the adjustable rear lens 140 ° cover more than 300 field of view to reduce blind spots and record more scenes on the road.
  • Improved and updated night vision camera] uses the latest enhanced sensor because the burst camera can shoot clear videos with enhanced detail in very low light conditions. Make it reliable to protect your car, day and night.
  • The highly secure rear monitoring system displays an alternative camera screen with instructions so you can park safely! Once the driver engages the gear, the parking guidance is activated so the driver can measure the distance to avoid collision and scratches while the vehicle is in the opposite direction. (Note: Please connect the red cable of the replacement camera to the positive pole of the backlight.)
  • Episode Recording and Repeated G-sensor If the memory storage space is full, Repeat Recording automatically replaces the oldest video clip, but the built-in G sensor automatically protects the recorded video to save in the event of a conflict and don't worry more about losing your guide! It can also be used for motion detection and parking monitoring. Various powerful functions perfectly meet your requirements. (Note: the Pak line is not included).
  • SD 32G and Lifetime 32 support 32GB TF card. More user-friendly design and easy-to-understand interface functions can display road conditions in real time without delay, making it easy to see the rearview mirror.

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