Eleduino 2k Touchscreen Portable Monitor
Eleduino 2k Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Eleduino 2k Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Work smarter, travel better, and play anywhere
The 13.3-inch 2K portable touch screen is designed for customers and consumers looking for a high-performance screen. It uses QHD display and provides a good viewing experience with Droader display.

It can be used as an additional screen for laptops, gaming devices and Android smartphones to improve the gaming experience and increase productivity. This screen always provides a screen that better meets your needs when playing, working or traveling!

Screen accessories - expand your world

Inspired by growing business style, entertainment and travel. The 13.3-inch and 2.3-inch touch screen of USC provides flexibility, functionality and connectivity options so you can efficiently keep beautiful curves on the go. Easy to use, lightweight, travel ready and heavy.

Create your own console mobile game

This 2K portable screen can be used as a portable gaming display with FreeSync and HDR technology that eliminates frustrating and choppy images and delivers better images with the PS4 PS3 Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for an excellent gaming experience (USB direct support) compatible with video input

Eleduino 2k Touchscreen Portable Monitor
Eleduino 2k Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Rich interface, more expansion options

USB-C and 3.5mm video jack, two C C Builidng Otg headphone jacks for stereo speakers usually support legacy UBS C 3.1 mode

Eleduino Portable Monitor Technical index

  • QS 1440P IPS Screen - The 13.3-inch USB-C touch screen provides stunning images at 2560 x 1440 resolution, aspect ratio: 16: 9, wide viewing angle of 70 degrees, IPS screen can provide vivid images and expand the field of view.
  • touch Smooth and comprehensive touch experience: USB-HID multi-touch, 10 free hotspots for Windows 10, Android 5.0 (or higher), 2.3 Linux 2.3 Over Version and free IOS drivers.
  • IM SLIM is a 13.3-inch lightweight touch screen with a 2K touchscreen with a slim screen up to 10.5mm and a Just750g screen that is very suitable for your life and can be used for easy setting up of the screen and portable games.
  • Connect the portable touch screen, which is compatible with multiple devices, to a laptop, computer, Raspberry Pi, PS3 / 4, XBOX ONE / X / S, Wii, Nintendo Switch, etc. You can easily connect your device here via HDMI-C or a portable display to play commercial shows, games, videos, TV series, photos and more.
  • SMART CASE & MULTI-PORT COVER: The PU Leather Smart Protective Cover provides excellent screen protection and can be used as a base on three different angles. It is controlled by the full Type-C (Thunderbolt 3.0) function, USB-C-PD, Mini-HDMI and headphone interface. The other two supports Type-C to USB to match the keyboard, mouse, and mouse

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