Review EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor
Review EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor

EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor

Monitor portable game

With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, the Eviciv Portable Display has a Type C signal and power input, which makes it suitable for old games and watching movies. At the same time, it offers you an exciting gaming experience via Nintendo Switch / XBOX / PS4.

Movable wall

This VESA compatible screen has 4 screw holes on the back. It can be easily attached to a compatible arm or bracket. It gives you the freedom to remove it from the table and hang it on the wall. Change display options and save desktop space.

Image and landscape mode

Eviciv's HDMI screen provides picture options that allow you to only print reports or search and view documents. You can place it anywhere (vertical or horizontal) to increase productivity, or use it in the office. Thanks to the unique circular hole design, you can use the stylus as a stand and move the screen easily with the screen and stylus.

Review EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor
EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor

USB C screen

This portable screen has two Type-C connectors for power and data transmission, allowing you to watch videos or play games while charging. This can be useful if you can enjoy your favorite games on the big screen and increase productivity. You have a full computer with a USB C cable!

Dual-C ports speed up file transfer, so you can log in and out as desired without needing to confirm before and after.

Magnetic cover

It comes with a smart magnetic cover that fully protects it. This also facilitates screen navigation. Move easily and travel freely.

Review EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor
EVICIV EV15610 15.6 Inch 4k Portable Monitor

EVICIV EV15610 Technical index

  • [4K Screen for Detailed Color Grading The Eviciv UHD 4K portable screen provides four times as sharp details as Full HD. The ultra-slim frame design is designed for an extremely wide viewing angle of 178 ° to ensure colors, brightness and more. IPS panel provides ultra clear images. With a strong contrast ratio of 1000: 1, everything you do on your computer looks better. So you can get the most out of all your favorite movies, shows, and games.
  • [A comprehensive gaming experience Monitor Monitor Eviciv's game console can combine a refresh rate of 60Hz and response time from 3 to 4ms, as well as advanced sports display technologies such as HDR and AMD FreeSync. Images can be clearer, avoid input delays and reduce screen tearing. When you expect it, your spells will be cast and your weapons fired accurately. The design is designed for FTS and FPS gaming experience, which means every game mode is supported.
  • Type 2 port 2 options provide comprehensive connectivity options. The HDMI port should be all you need to connect console, computer, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE and player. Type-C connections support both picture data and power transmission. Although the power supply must be provided via the supplied wall adapter, you can still use an appropriate cable to display the screen. Your smartphone or laptop. This is a very simple suggestion for players who want to play with friends or in a group.
  • [Mobile phone screen] You can move it relatively easily. The screen weighs only 1.82 pounds and is only 0.2 inches thick, making it about the same weight as a laptop. This is very effective if you frequently carry it in or out of your pocket. You can even install it. There are four VESA 75mm-compatible screws that can be hung on a wall or an arm. Built-in speakers fill some rooms.

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