Karsuite M9 Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam
Karsuite M9 Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam 

Karsuite M9 Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam 

Reverse the image to full screen

When the host detects that the vehicle is in turns, the screen automatically switches to the image reversing screen, and additional large reflection lines can be clearly displayed on a large 12-inch screen to facilitate parking.

Front resolution 1440P + 1080P

At the same time, recording 1080p resolution before 1440p + 1080p can cover 4 areas of view and reduce the width.

Easy to install

Connect the host to the original rearview mirror with two bars and connect the rear view camera to the host. Place the GPS antenna on each side of the windshield and ensure that there is no signal interference. If the signal is disturbing, connect the GPS antenna to the surface of the car. Then extend the extension line for the rear view camera along Row A and extend the roof to the back of the parking space. Then connect the back camera to the license plate or high brake light. The red inverted trigger wire is connected to the positive pole of the inverted lamp. Finally, plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter and you're done.

Karsuite M9 Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam 

Eliminate ideas

The rear view camera has a glow-free filter lens that has been optimized to eliminate the glow in the rear seat car and keep the lens clear for night vision.

GPS applications

Download the GXPLAYER GPS app from our display URL. After successful installation, you can play videos on computer using GXPLAYER app. While the video is playing, you can see the current track and driving speed.

Parking monitoring

When the vehicle is turned off, the host automatically switches to parking monitoring mode. If the car experiences strong vibrations and recorded videos, it will automatically open to protect your vehicle from damage (if you want real-time monitoring around the clock, you will need to purchase the Pak series separately).

12 inch IPS touch screen

12 inch full IPS touch screen with screen resolution of 1480 * 320 and rectangular design fits very well with the original rearview mirror.

Karsuite M9 Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam 

Sony IMX335 camera

With Sony IMX 335 sensor, 2560 * 1440 video support, F1.8 aperture, 156 degree viewing angle, excellent night vision and night vision video effect, clearly visible throughout the day

Hisilicon CPU

HiSilicon Hi3556 processor supports 1440p and reverse 1080p recording. It is equipped with WDR technology, multi-stage noise reduction, image erase algorithms and other image optimization functions.

Karsuite M9 Backup Camera Technical index

  • Best Sprint 11.88 Inch Rearview Mirror M9 Rear View Mirror Sprint rearview mirror with GPS function is the first 11.88 inch Sprint rearview camera on the market. Pamper yourself with the best driving experience. (Including 128G SD card)
  • Sony IMX335 Super Night Vision M9 (Sony STARVIS technology) is used, with which you can enjoy an excellent viewing experience at night and while driving during the day.
  • Parking monitoring When the vehicle is turned off, the M9 host automatically switches to parking monitoring mode. When the car jolts violently and records a 20-second video to protect your car, it automatically plays. (If you want 24-hour real-time monitoring, you will need to purchase wires and cables separately.)
  • Multi-function GPS, transmission mode, G-sensor, parking monitoring system, reverse assistance system, bike recorder, excellent night vision function, adjustable viewing angle, etc.

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