NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem
NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem

NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi's built-in home WiFi system with a built-in cable modem is the industry's first WiFi modem router with application settings and superfast three-band Wi-Fi. DOCSIS 3.0 and FastLane3 technologies provide uninterrupted performance and transparent communication. Replace existing cable modems and routers with Orbi WLAN systems with built-in cable modems to cover hard-to-reach areas of your home. Fully prepared to work with major internet service providers. Take advantage of advanced Orbi features such as simple and round network names with Disney intelligent parental controls, voice commands, guest WiFi, etc. You don't have to wait for MSO to send firmware updates or receive automatic Orbi software updates to get new router features and get Wi-Fi improvements. The best Wi-Fi anywhere.

Flexible connection options

Each Orbi has a Gigabit Ethernet connection. It is ideal for high-speed Internet connections in entertainment centers, game systems and home offices.

Scalable to cover more Wi-Fi

Add more Orbi satellites to the existing Orbi Wi-Fi system for additional Wi-Fi coverage.

Compatible with Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox and other companies.

Contact your service provider for more information about compatibility. Not compatible with bundled voice services.

Review NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem
NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem

Replace existing cable modems and routers

Integrate multiple devices into your home. This group replaces existing network equipment to provide space on shelves or near entertainment centers.

No more paying for your modem

You can save time with an Orbi cable modem router.

DOCSIS 3.0 32x8 Channel Link

Get rid of tampons at peak times. Internet speed is 32 times faster than DOCSIS 2.0 and enables seamless connectivity without interruption. The maximum download speed is 1.4Gb / s.

It covers the entire house on the top floor and basement

Remove up to 2,000 square feet of dead space around the house.

Review NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem
NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage

Connect all Wi-Fi devices without losing speed! Navigate freely in your home with uninterrupted streaming and download functions.

Child lock

Set daily internet time for websites, apps, etc. Set the personal liquidation level for family members based on their age and interests.

NETGEAR CBR40-100NAS Technical index

  • Cable and router modem replacement)
  • Cable modems reach the Internet up to 32x to ensure continuous communication without interruption and the maximum download speed (thanks to DOCSIS 3.0 modems with a 32x8 channel connection).
  • The router removes the WiFi zone from the dead zone and temporarily stores it for fast and reliable games, from one room to another, from one wall to another, from floor to floor, covering an area ranging from 2000 square feet, at speeds of up to 2.2 Gbit / s
  • Speed ​​is maintained even if multiple devices use WLAN at the same time - the difference lies in three-band technology, while other devices use a dual band. Powerful quad-core processor at 710 MHz
  • 4 Ethernet ports provide cable connections for smart TVs, game consoles, etc. Smart Parental Controls Manager - Family is a smart way to manage content and time online on any connected device. The maximum radio range is caused by IEEE 802.11
  • Easy to configure with the Orbi app - create a guest network, access parental controls and run speed tests directly from the app
  • Compatible with all major internet service providers - comcast, spectrum, cox, etc. Not compatible with Gigabit services. Incompatible: Verizon, AT&T, or CenturyLink
  • Power supply: 12V / 3.5A

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