TOGUARD CE63 1080P Dual Dash Cam
TOGUARD CE63 1080P Dual Dash Cam

With front and back cameras for full visibility, this camera gives you the best protection on the road. At this price, not many other options were found with the camera setup.

1) The quality of the footage is clear enough to capture all the details. Personally, the 4K clips on a car recorder occupy a lot of space on the memory card, and in my opinion it is a bit long. 1080p (Full HD) with enough pixels to capture license plates and other details correctly
2) The GPS recorder determines the practical coordinates during the accident.
3) The screen is very big because you can see very cool screenshots without having to connect a computer.
4) All camera controls are in good condition and do not affect the overall design.
5) G-parking sensor and cycle recording are very practical and do a good job.
6) The split view function makes front and back camera great. hard work

1) I hope this model is equipped with a capacitor instead of a battery suitable for high temperature environments. At this price, this is just a note, not a complaint.

TOGUARD CE63 1080P Dual Dash Cam
TOGUARD CE63 1080P Dual Dash Cam

TOGUARD CE63  Technical index

  • A 1080P and 170 degree dual angle dash camera is equipped with 1080P HD front and back cameras, through which details can be clearly recorded on the front and back streets as well as automatic license plates. The 170-degree wide angle prevents visual disturbances and provides you with all-round protection.
  • When the car engine is turned on and off, the optional supercapacitor and dash GPS camera are on and off. The performance of the supercapacitor instead of the lithium battery endures extreme temperatures and prolongs the life of the cameras in shocks. Optional GPS (not included if you need a GPS device, see link: can record travel, speed and speed data with a special GPS reader.
  • G-Sensor loop and loop recording automatically replaces oldest clips with the latest files to ensure continuous recording. If the Gravity Sensor detects a sudden collision or impact, the current video will lock to prevent video interference. Note: ﻴﻦ Set the G-sensor low sensitivity, otherwise the file will lock slightly and the Micro SD card will fill.
  • Easy to install and support - 128GB, just plug the rear view camera in front of the rear window by extending the internal wires. The brand's memory supports up to 128GB, which results in error-free recording time for a longer period before the start of loop recording with other police cameras.

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