VIOTEK NV32Q 4K Curved Gaming Monitor 

VIOTEK NV32Q 4K Curved Gaming Monitor 

Imagine your victory. To gain a competitive advantage. Use the full power of each pixel. VIOTEK focuses on the expected value of the gaming and multimedia world to enter the 4K screen market. NV32Q has a high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which makes it ideal for gaming and content creation. This screen can be raised from 4 milliseconds to 60Hz for incredible response time to ensure latency-free operation and smooth tire change. Most importantly, you are protected by our useless pixel policy, which is a leader in this field. We don't play bad pixels either!

Play your terms

NV32Q offers full compatibility with game consoles. Compared to conventional TV, players with NV32Q can enjoy better performance and a better gaming experience. All you have to do is connect the PS4 or Xbox One to the HDMI 2.0 port, get extreme time response, low latency, and stunning 4K / UHD screen resolution. You still have DisplayPort 1.4 for computer gaming screens.

But it is not just a screen for players. The 60Hz screen refresh rate is ideal for conference calls and video conferencing, as well as for movies and TV shows 4K broadcast. With the impressive NV32Q display, you will appreciate stunning detail and the smooth transition of image and cinema colors.

VIOTEK NV32Q 4K Curved Gaming Monitor 

Bend over to immerse yourself

NV32Q 1500R curvature does not provide a more intense viewing experience. Create the best. The curve is more compact and deeper than other 1800R displays and provides a wider field of view. This improves your deep awareness of visual content and allows you to play games intensively or go into the middle of a movie. The 1500R curvature also allows your eyes to naturally monitor the entire screen movement without unnecessary vertical movement. Therefore, it is suitable not only for movies and games, but also for various applications and uses, including general purpose computing. If you add a VIOTEK Protect filter with weak blue lighting and a glare-free treatment screen, you'll get a more comfortable viewing experience that reduces eye fatigue and retina fatigue.

Breathtaking details

The VA32Q's NV32Q Control Panel provides high color accuracy, amazing brightness, and smooth video effects. Cinema quality photos should be more detailed and include a wider range of colors. Above all, the color remains consistent over a wide range of 178 degrees. Contrast ratio is 3000: 1 (1M: 1 DCR), the color is full of vitality and performance exceeds other similar screens. But the pictures are not bright, they are more fragile and sensitive, and the color accuracy is incredible. All four times the resolution of the Full HD screen. Get a clear victory and become the envy of your players.

VIOTEK NV32Q 4K Curved Gaming Monitor 

Stay on the plane

VIOTEK gameplay is known for its advanced features that help players achieve exceptional results, repeatedly score and lead with GAMEPLUS enabled, use the included GPS clips to record real-time results at silly frequencies. Even in games where the crossover is not visible, you are the winner after the defeat game. Activate FPS / RTS rendering optimization and give us more clarity and detail in Darker Shadow Play. With this feature, you won't be surprised by the heavy zombies in the alley or snipers hidden in the shade.

Max performance max. Speed

Play games. Getting out of the game with AMD FreeSync, you can count on dynamic refresh rates to get rid of distorted gameplay and broken windows for smooth performance. Do you think you need an overrated G-Sync device? Think again. NV32Q is compatible with G-SYNC *.

Huge connection

You can connect to all devices via five high performance ports and create a hub with NV32Q as the primary shaft. You can connect your favorite sound system via the 3.5mm headphone jack. Use VESA mount screens (75 x 75 mm) to connect walls and customize your space.

VIOTEK NV32Q 4K Curved Gaming Monitor 

It deals with the masterpiece

Work smarter, not more difficult. Destroy appointments like a real coach. NV32Q has a blue light filter setting ideal for professionals and long-term eye relief. The integrated PIP / PBP function is ideal for conference calls, Twitch streaming, etc.

VIOTEK NV32Q Technical index

  • MUIMIMIAIA JUGGERNAUT - This large 4K screen provides great pictures and captures every detail, making every photo a true visual pleasure. Compared to the 1800R screen, the 1500R with strong curvature provides better optical immersion as it covers a greater field of view.
  • Missing Details - The pre-set VA HDR400 screen displays 16.7 million colors with a contrast ratio of 3000: 1: it can produce color images with color gamut of up to 99% sRGB, and only the true UHD 3840x2160p screen can provide stunning detail,
  • Advanced connectivity - Connect to other devices using three HDMI or DP 1.2 ports. NV32Q can be used exactly as a unit monitor with an external audio system via the 3.5mm audio jack. Multitask like a beast with integrated PIP / PBP.
  • The 32-inch VIOTEK GAMING SUITE gaming monitor features on-demand features that give you a competitive edge, including FreeSync homogeneity, G-Sync compatibility, and improved FPS / RTS and GAMEPLUS crossover performance for your performance to boost targets.
  • We don't play bad pixels either! New VIOTEK Curved Game Screen Protected by Pixel Dead Pixel Policy

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